26 November 2008

Viktor & Rolf

A couple weeks ago I received a package from Viktor & Rolf consisting of a few samples from their fragrance line Flowerbomb. Not exactly sure as to WHY or HOW I received these samples, but I think I vaguely remember signing up for some newsletter...

They're not kidding when they named it Flowerbomb. When I opened up the shower gel, it really is this super-intense floral scent. Even through my stuffy nose I could smell it... really pungent. The body cream is also very floral, but much more spicy and seductive... I could be crazy, but I dare say it stings the nostrils a bit too. In a good way.

I'll post more when I test 'em out...

P.S. Finally got around to watching Elizabethtown. LOVED. IT. So good.

Any movies you guys like to watch on a rainy day? xo


  1. completely jealous. I love viktor and rolf so much.

    I really wanna smell this now! wish Id signed up.... ;o

  2. ahh i love viktor and rolf as well, i need to get me some samples!

  3. Hey... Cute blog!!! i absolutly LOVELOVELOVEEEE V&R!!!! =>>

  4. I've not tried Flowerbomb, but Im interested now!! The package you recieved looks cute =]

  5. Lucky you! Next time I'm out shopping, I'll have to try & track these down.

  6. One of my fave scents... GOD BLESS V&R


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