12 November 2008

Shredded up

Avoided Calculus this weekend and tackled that shredded tee tutorial of Camille's that everyone and their mom is on.

Wore it to school and I got a bunch of crazy looks, even though I wore a jacket over it. I didn't realize how exposing it was until I was actually in public. Oh well, out of the comfort zone, right?

Fruit of the Loom tank, Hanes strapless bra, Target leggings, Mom's old socks, Payless sneakers from friend.


  1. I would totally give this a try but I just know that mine won't turn out half as amazing as your's.

    The stylist put something in my hair and makes it wavy.

  2. Yes, totaly love that serie!
    Same for me. It´s so much easier to eat them then.
    Thank you :) Love your top by the way!

  3. Love this little outfit... well done on the shredded creation... people need to mind their business.

  4. I really must become part of "everyone and their mom" some time soon... I love it, hot stuff!

    I would definitely wear mine to school so my mom would kill me and all the conservative nut jobs in my town would freak out!

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  6. it looks cool. those other people are just jealous :]

  7. good job the diy job!turned out well.lovely blog.

  8. you made it! so it isnt so difficult is it?


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