24 April 2009

Good for nothin'

Fruitoftheloom tee cut into tank, AE bra, Roxy shorts, Lower East Side wedges, JM tote bag.

Plugging along in life. Picked up this sweet new ring (and some other pieces) in the most unlikely place in the world -- a freaking Chinese restaurant. They just happened to have a display of silver rings next to some cheap plastic shit.

& My outfit when it's 95 degrees out. Only in my town would it drop 20 degrees the next day.

P.S. Some photos from a shoot that my friend did.

18 April 2009

Sheer Gold

I went thrifting today with some of band friends, looking for a smart blazer, for Senior Project boards next week. However, came upon this black and gold brocade jacket that was WAY more interesting.

Took it home with me (how could I not?!) in hopes of putting it up on the shop blog but now I'm a bit attached, even with the rising temperatures (aka the foolishness of wearing beauties like this in California weather). Just to see who would be interested, any readers pro me-putting-up-in-the-shop?

I think I accidentally channeled a bit of oaknyc in taking these photos?

Never a bad thing, though. :)

15 April 2009

New item

Just posted this Silence & Noise Cropped Dolman Tee to the shop blog. It's so darling but I just don't think I would get much wear out of it. I'm sure someone else would love it more than me. :)

12 April 2009

Treading water

Just posted up a cute new bikini top on the shop blog. It's this rich navy color with white swirls on the trim. Also got a vintage choker necklace and some other stuff up! Check it out! I'll be updating with more stuff soon.

P.S. Any other shop blogs out there? I know Camille and Stylish Wanderer have started theirs up, along with the ever lovely Kristine and Lulu (though everyone knew about them already, I'm sure).

11 April 2009


One of my favorite Coco photos ever.

Neeeew store. tkGIRLA is kinda temporarily on hold (Golden and I are just so freaking busy), but for now, here is:
A bunch of brand-new stuff I've never even touched, things that deserve more love from a new owner, vintage beauties, and everything in between!

And everything up is ridiculously inexpensive right now --
even more bargains will be listed later! So you people have no excuses! :)

Plus, I'm going off to college real soon -- help a po' kid out? (Haha.)

08 April 2009

Old outfit & Senior Ball &... update?

HEY GUYS! I miss blogging, honestly. And I miss reading comments from those lovely people that swing by here regularly. :) I see the views still rack up, but I get no comments! Where's the love? I want to get to know my readers!

Here's an old outfit (from like, a month ago). Nothing special, but I get a "Why are you so dressed up?" every once in a while. Sigh, high school.

AA faux leather hoodie and circle scarf, random velvet tank dress, friend's moccasins.

Senior ball!!

I actually went to two this year. My date goes to another high school, and we ended up going to each other's proms.

Decided to do it up vintage this year :D Sorry for the shitty photo, but this was the one that showed the dress the best. It was black but has this sheer mesh top layer with glittery outlines of flowers on it. It's really hard to photograph but it's so pretty. Stumbled upon it while thrifting a few years ago, but I've only worn it once!

And don't you feel like you find the best things on accident? Shopping-wise, I mean.

Not shown, but I wore some gold peep-toe pumps from Target. Yay Target!

My prom was a bit more glamorous, I guess. I usually never dress like this, normally OR for dances!

The AMAZING corsage! I went back to the same florist who did my flowers for last year's prom, and you can see why!

Hope your computers aren't dying at trying to load all this.

If you guys were curious, the makeup was done at the local MAC counter at the mall, after reading about Selena (aka flying saucer! <3 her blog) and her experience with getting her makeup done there. The gold/black dress is from Nasty Gal Vintage, isn't it gorgeous? I died when I saw it and just HAD HAD HAD to have it! And the shoes were from Target. Heel height n00b, so obv I took that shit off after dinner and pictures and stuff (4 1/2 inches! I couldn't handle it :( ).

On a more recent note, I've been traveling like crazy the past three days visiting colleges (must be over 1500 miles! Cheeses!) but was so fun. Found some amazing jewelry in the most random places. I'll update you guys on that later!!

I hope you guys have an amazing rest of the week! xoxo

What a life!

Still here, you guys. Been sooo busy!
  • Senior Ball was pretty much amazing. The makeup and hair ended up wonderful! I felt like a princess. (Pictures soooon :)!)
  • Went down to UCSB to check it out yesterday and today, it's gorgeous.
  • Going down to UCSC tomorrow to check it out one last time (I'm torn between SC and SB!).
  • Possible road trip to SF with the bestie.
  • Successful present shopping.
  • And homework, homework, homework.
I've pretty much been an epic fail at fashion lately. Slightly ashamed to say that I have just resorting to old t-shirts and jeans. All of the inspiration that came with the ability to layer in the winter has vanished. My wardrobe all of a sudden feels extremely unupdated
(is that even a word?). I have been trying to hold back from spending, but some things I simply could not resist, like this bright canary yellow tank dress that is so quintessentially spring I couldn't NOT buy it! And for ten bucks!

So please lovelies, how are you all pumping new life into an old wardrobe for the new spring season? Taking any advice!

xo S