25 November 2008


Getting chilly and channeling a bit of the CdG that is so unavailable to me. I find that I exchange hello's with others in the hallway, I get my eyes on my clothes rather than my face. Great, haha.

And my friend recently featured me in one of her personal statements for UC apps, about people that have influenced her style/fashion-wise... she showed me and I felt so honored.

And to leave you with another sneak picture of my teacher again... she wore this wonderful blazer.

It's hard to see, but the pattern is those outlined waves, like old-school Greek. Which reminds me, we DID recently finish reading The Odyssey...

Prominence sweater, thrift dress worn as skirt, random tights and socks, thrift boots.


  1. cute outfit!!
    i love the socks :)

  2. haha when ppl look at my clothes or do the looking up and down look i'm like -_- guh...
    aww i wish i had a friend like that :D
    the walmart jeans are pretty good for only $20!!! i haven't bought jeans in junior sizes for a long time so i thought a 3 would be fine, but it was tight. it's starting to loosen without washing though! :D

  3. Like the pink sweater with this skirt !!


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