24 November 2008

Dress for comfort

I went to bed at a decent time last night (before midnight as opposed to after) and I still woke up feeling exhausted and shatty. After school, I immediately bought some cough medicine, cough drops, and a liter of OJ. Haha. I am taking this sickness down!!

Sorry for the blurriness, but it gives a better overall look at the shirt. And you can't tell, but the straps are braided.

I initially planned the outfit sans-scarf, but it was so chilly I had to.

And I saw that I've gotten a bunch of views (100+ in the past 24 hours, I think?!), which leads me to channel a bit of The Stylish Wanderer -- just go ahead and leave a comment already! I love all kinds of input, good or bad.

Random UO sheer grey tee, handmade tank and scarf, altered Mervyn's pants, random sports socks, Payless sneakers (friend).


  1. I shredded the shirts myself using the tutorial from Camille's blog (http://childhoodflames.blogspot.com/) :)

  2. What does the saying on the tank mean?

  3. omg you made that tank?! awesome.
    no wonder your pants are tight! i was thinking, damn, those pants are slim. haha :D

  4. OH! I want a yellow scarf when I see you whit it ;P

  5. Nice shirt, I like it when straps are interesting like your braided ones as opposed to just plain. What does Shu Girls mean? haha sorry but I had to ask

  6. I love the scarf it adds the perfect pop of colour!

  7. its always good to channel a bit of the stylish wanderer! :P


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