27 August 2008


Lately, I've been ransacking the closets and wardrobes of this house. One of my finds is a pair of my dad's old blue-y grey trousers. He let me have them, and another pair, since they didn't fit him anymore and he was just about to throw them away! Nick of time or what? I love love love wearing them, especially after seeing Karla's take on male trousers... mm mm mm, certainly opens up a new branch of fashion. Here's my take on them, Fops and Dandies style!

1 - altered hanes white tank, gap cami (gift), vint trousers and belt (from parents), ? studded cuff (from a friend)
2 - charlotte russe henley (from a friend), vint belt (from madre)

I've been a lot more enchanted to that cuff, which I dug up out of a drawer the other day. Though wearing accessories feels totally strange to me (it's the weight), I'm slowly easing into them again...

P.S. I love blogging now. I'm learning so much more than just watching my schoolmates follow blindly the horror that is Uggs and A&F.

23 August 2008

Sunburnt and dark and thoughts

A long week of nothing but band camp has concluded to me being clad in nothing but tanks and shorts, sporting a funky sunburn and tan lines. Aka no good pictures to post, haha. But I do want to talk about a little something...

It's been around for a while now, so I'm sure people have heard the "Real women have curves" catchphrase once or twice. Frankly, hearing it bothers me. As I'm sure many of my fellow naturally-thin girls would agree, this statement just isn't true. Real women are of all shapes and sizes, and appreciate their bodies all the same, whatever their weight or height or WHATEVER is. I myself am just a few pounds over 100, but I love my body all the same -- I've never put myself through eating disorders, I have always just been naturally thin. So just because I don't have an hourglass figure like naturally curvy girls does not mean I am not a real woman. My body is what it is, and I love it. No media or person or anyone can tell me how I should look, thinner or thicker. Which leads me to say that I feel the phrase should be revised to "Real women love their bodies."

Feel free to share your thoughts below!

17 August 2008

the coyotes sing when they call on your loving

My good friend, Kelly Marie of The Blue Eyed World, and I met up yesterday at our local downtown mall to spend a day walking around and shopping and doing regular teenage girl things. It was definitely the best shopping day ever -- we had a few, but some really fantastic finds that we see ourselves in the future wearing way too often...

I'm going to deviate from my norm of telling about how my day went, and let some pictures do more of the talking instead.

My outfit for the day. Was belted but took it off after a long day of trying on stuff.

(f21 earrings, uo blouse, altered tommy hilfiger jeans, target mossimo sandals)

I'm just about addicted to those sandals. They were very inexpensive and are insanely soft and comfortable.

Kel and I both pointed out these vests on the rack at the same exact time. (I swear we have the same exact taste sometimes.) We both bought one for ourselves, mine being the darker tint of grey with the red, hers with the lighter grey and the yellow...

My pretty friend. :) She was in her "ghetto fabulous"/"Beyoncé" attire and attitude for the day.

A close-up shot of the earrings. A huge branch out from my style but they work.

Towards more odds and ends... a Macy's display of mannequin children with missing limbs??

Waiting for the train home and a pretty view.

And the ending picture:

Kel and I were waiting for her to get picked up when a man walked by carrying a camera. He asked to take our photograph. While we were perplexed and at a loss of words, he explained that he was a part of the 100 strangers project and was posting his photos on his flickr. He had gotten both of our names wrong, but more so Kel's. (Jennifer? Me and her both had a laugh over this, haha...) It was a wonderful and strange occurrence though, and the photograph was a good one, I think. Good day. :)

If you'd like more outfit posts, more of-my-day posts, more inspiration posts... speak up! Also, if you would like to exchange links and be sported on the right, feel free to say so.

09 August 2008

I think I'd have Alexander Wang's babies.

Just to get unlimited access to his clothes.

...Just kidding.

(Kind of.)

And it's not like he's that bad-looking either. What a cutie pie! :)

07 August 2008

Okay, so I lied.

And I hate lying. This post is going to be about BOOTS, because I've recently gotten addicted to how they look and how they feel and how they MAKE you feel. Fuck, fashion gets me going.

What started my obsession is some blogger I follow (most likely Rumi or Karla) posting up a picture of these SWEET Minnetonka boots.

I've never been a fan of fringe, or the whole moccasin look, but the comfort factor and delicious shade of brown seems far too unappealing to NOT take into consideration. I saw these in Nordstrom and I absolutely loved them. Even though they were only at a mere $40, I've been spending way too much... feeding fashion addictions is costly, am I right?!

I've also been into the heeled ankle boot look. After being captivated by the infinitely classic and sophisticated and sexy image of pumps, the ankle boots are now stealing my affections. Though I'm a lover of scandalous color (Kelly and I both fell in love with these... too yummy!), the natural shades seem to work the best.

The whole "riding boot" type of style has also caught my eye... well, actually, first I'd like to apologize for my lack of... riding.. gear.. terms? I'm at a lack of proper vocabulary right now, haha. Anyhow, I love love love this shade of gold. I swore that I would never wear any shiny, un-matte gold that isn't jewelry, but damn, Marc definitely knows how to make it work. I'm a sucker for pale gold.

respectively from top to bottom: Minnetonka, Me Too, Marc by Marc Jacbs

I've also been wearing my brown leather belts quite often lately. As I recall... I think just about every single outfit I have that might possibly allow a belt... I've been busting them out to use! I'm also super guilty of waist cinching blouses and dresses and such too often (though in my eyes, it's NEVER too often!). I'll post some more photos later, including my two all-time favorite belts... that is, all-time favorites until I find more! Muahaha.

So how'd you like this post? More inspiration? More aspirations? More oufit posts? Leave a comment with your thoughts and suggestions below! :)