08 November 2008

Mr. A-Z

Monday (late post, I know!) was the Jason Mraz concert at UC Davis... pretty epic. My fellow hardcore fan of the curbside prophet and I hit up a crepe place for dinner before the concert. 'Twas pretty epic. :) One of my favorite artists of all timeee..

But I officially hate Davis. Haha.

My salsa crepe! Mmm. I can never finish the portions here...

And at the concert, with so many bitchy attendees, it was too fun.

And the next day. BFF and I with our sweet shirts.

Marshalls hat, F21 burnout tee, selfmade scarf, altered black jeans, old Vans, Chinatown purse.


  1. <3 the suede hat!
    omg haha. yup. proud to be called a band kid.
    i was in color guard senior year. it was so fun! i miss it so much!

  2. look like you had a great time :)!

  3. Thank you :)
    I really love the fact that you can meet people like this. You can really learn alot from so many cultures! And the inspiration.. gosh, i love it!


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