27 May 2009


the fashion spot

Maybe it's my Twilight obsession going a bit far, but couldn't Alice be a bitchin' vampire?

25 May 2009

New item

Remember that wonderful gold brocade jacket I posted about a while ago?


Click the photo to view item!

Well, I figured my need for money surpasses my love for this jacket (took me so long to realize I needed to let it go!)... so I just posted it up on the shop blog. Be sure to check it out and help out a broke college student. :)

On another note, just came back from a day of shopping and got a pretty big haul of stuff (American Apparel + outlet mall = sheer awesomeness)... One of which being that sweetheart two-toned dress that just came out! For like, $15 cheaper than retail! I loove a good deal. It fits amazingly, hugs curves (like it made my straight, boy-ish body actually look kinda curvy!), and is strangely so comfortable to wear. Like, the mesh is... soft?

My only problem is that I have no idea what to wear underneath it. I also bought some white cotton dresses but I have no idea what underwear you're supposed to wear with it... I'm assuming nude? I usually don't deal with this kind of problem. Help!!

And thank you for all the well wishes. :) The night of ridic dancing from Friday (last HS dance... aww) definitely helped ward off most of the intensity from my illness, but yesterday I just erupted in cold sores, probably from the stress on my body. TMI probably, but hey, it's a blog. And my body is just... failing. Do you ever get that feeling where your body becomes allergic to... your life?


I hope everyone had a fun Monday. :)

21 May 2009

Thug Life



I literally just have FIVE more days of high school left... why does it feel ridiculously long? I'm dying here!


First final tmo, Calculus. Gonna get pwned. But apparently, my teacher is guaranteeing us he won't fail the seniors... because he 'likes us'... uh huh.


Will also be going on a road trip with some friends this weekend. Opportunity to get American Apparel at 60% off? HELL YEAH.


P.S. I'm sick. :(

18 May 2009

A silly song about you

Relocated! (the shop blog, I mean)


Adding more hella soon... I'm excited.

And basically, college is in like four months. Aka I need money.

My favorites so far!! (Click to see)

In other news:
  • Eight... count 'em, EIGHT! more days of high school left... Thank god.
  • Possibility of workin' two jobs this summer.
  • Getting a lot more chill with fashion. All I want to live in lately are light cotton-y floral dresses, loose, light-colored tanks, basic shorts, and sandals.
  • Speaking of which, I still can't find cute sandals that AREN'T gladiators. (SO ready for that trend to be over.)
  • Trying to purge my closet. (And my magpie tendencies)
  • Does anyone else have this sick attachment to all of their possessions? Even if you haven't used it in ages? So much stuff I wanna sell but I'm ridiculous.
Seems like people really liked the last outfit post. I love those wedges too :)


ETA: 10,000 views! Tiiight.

11 May 2009

Take This Black Heart Inertia Away




A rare cloudy day a few weeks ago... recently bought Seychelles floral wedges that are so comfy for heels that I can jump in them. Bff M looked at me funny in the store, haha...

AP testings are over, yay! Now I have to worry about flunking out of my classes. :(

Wish me luck!

Grey sweater dress, black tights, AE favorite tank (soo comfy!), Seychelles wedges, AA circle scarf worn as shawl/wrap.

04 May 2009

What to wear for 4 hours of testing

The most comfy shit you got (that ain't sweats) of course!

I'm such a crappy blogger. I love you people who still read/comment. I'll try and post more, I promise! I think I might start trying to post a photo at least every other day.

I am currently:
  • Taking AP exam after AP exam (each four hours at a time).
  • Going crazy over the play.
  • Trying to fix this 'broke ass' status I got (aka find a job).
  • Purging my closet and simultaneously having attachment issues.
  • Looking for a pair of sandals that AREN'T gladiator and expensive.
  • Only buying clothes that are insanely soft to the touch.
  • Wishing someone would effing buy something from the shop blog. Come on you guys!
  • Trying to find a running buddy at my low level (because all the runners I know are freaks that can't go less than 5 miles at a time. WTF)
  • Being aerodynamic.

These are seriously some of the best jeans I've ever owned. So so so slouchy. My friend gave them to me after she didn't want to wear them anymore (and her knowing I was lusting after 'em hella bad!). Her reasoning? No one else at school wore the style (baggy, slouchy, boyfriend, etc.) and she didn't want to be the only one. Lol, freshmen. And they're from China too, hence the Asian... awesomeness that just exudes. Like, so bad you can feel it. (TWSS)

All taken by my wonderful best friend. Thanks Matt :)

AA unisex solid cardigan, Lykke Li t-shirt, eShakti cotton scarf, China pants, Nike dunks.