08 November 2008

I need I need (what I really really want)

Intended Spice Girl reference ftw.

1) Mommy vs. Daddy Purple Gypsy Magic top

2) Jenny Yuen Gatsby Garnet bag

3) Jenny Yuen Gia Chestnut bag

4) Those Mint Fashion Studio scarves that Susie Bubble posted up!

5) This woman's outfit that The Sartorialist snapped.

6) Karla's insane new belt!

I am lusting after all of these things so badly right now.

I recently got a $50 gift card to AE... I wonder if I can find anything decent there. Money's money, right?

And by the way... Charlotte Ronson for JC Penney? Wtf? I need to hit up that place, like... now. It just reminds me of Ronson's stuff for Urban though...

xo S


  1. Thank you!! :D

    Of course I don´t mind. Thank you again!

  2. anything specific you're looking for at AE? (haha. i'm using the things i learned at the district meeting today :D) i'm digging the accessories: loose berets, moccasins, and wedges.
    omg i'm totally excited for CRonson at JCP! too bad we have to wait till February :(


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