28 February 2009

when you sigh.

Sorry I'm such a terrible blogger. I haven't really been putting too much effort dressing myself. Going through a bit of trouble in my personal life, not too much I can say about that. Thanks to the few readers who still read/comment and such. :)

I saw the local symphony play last night... made me remember how much I really do love strings. And gives me a desire to practice, heh.

Hope you lovely ladies (and gents) are doing well.

P.S., I've had Lykke Li's Youth Novels album on repeat for the past two days. It's a huge dance party, I highly recommend taking a listen.

AA cardigan, Lykke Li tee, Target jeans, f21 earrings.

19 February 2009


Okay, I know she was in their campaign... but it's still totally weird to stumble upon one of your favorite bloggers whilst doing some online window shopping.

Karla's way hotter than any of their other models, don't you agree?

You know I don't like to get caught

After mentally running into walls and dying over Calculus (that wasn't supposed to make sense...) I decided to drink Mountain Dew and finally enter my look into this week's Weardrobe contest instead! (Don't you just love that the skirt alert header?) So having edited my photos to upload, why not share 'em with my beautiful readers in an outfit post too, right?

Because blogging pwns indefinite integrals and sigma notation ANY day:

I figure with the contest being all about spring (hence the 'skirt alert'?), I'd keep the legs and feet bare. Nice to know I still have my tan in February, haha.

I was just playing around with this outfit over the weekend, but I did end up wearing it in public (school), albeit the modified version. Just imagine adding white straight-legged jeans, a dark blue thermal, a cropped green jacket, and the charcoal AA unisex cardigan, nixing the plaid shirt. (If you can't tell, it was really cold.)

...Probably should've taken a picture of it. :/ Oh well, I ended up being soaked half the day anyway. Okay, not for that long, but really, it's been raining for the past week or so... today was a nicer, more mild 62 degrees.

Oh, and the AA cardigan... why is it one of the best things that I own?? It's so thick and comfy and flattering and sturdy that I can't help but love it. SO glad I abstained from buying a cheap crappy one from f21 like everyone else. (Is it unhealthy for me to want to wear it every day this week??) I would've gotten one earlier, but the closest AA is in SF (ACTUALLY, my friend from Napa just told me there's an AA outlet in her area... didn't even know those existed!!!), and I just happened to be in SF this weekend.

I'm not one to take spontaneous jaunts to more-fun-than-my-city places haphazardly, but my friend happened to have an extra ticket to the freaking LYKKE LI CONCERT... and fuck YES I jumped on that shit. :) Aka sweet new pictures. Be sure to check back for the next post ;)

Here's a little teaser...

DIY circle scarf, Marshalls nightgown, Hot Topic tie, random (and kinda old) plaid shirt, AA polyester tulip skirt (in 'silver cloud').

17 February 2009

When I'm bored at the BFF's house

And we're just chewin' on Bubblicious, I make people take outfit pics for me.

Just kidding. Kinda.

Ew my skin's kinda gross. Oh well. For the blog!!!!

AA matte faux leather hoodie, Gap shirt, Target pants, thrifted pearls, AE necklace.

16 February 2009

Ah ah ah

MASSIVE update! Get readdyyy..

Just a bunch of outfits I'm gonna shoot at ya. I think they're from the past... week or so? But I've been a sick and lazy bum so that's why these are all so late... :x

The next one was one of my most favorite outfits lately... tights taken from an old costume a few years ago (Malice in Wonderland, if you were curious!), and are surprisingly thick and sturdy for shitty costumes.

I think I'll start telling people my hair smokes crack when I sleep... that's a valid excuse for it looking different every single day, right?

Thank you for the well wishes... I am definitely better (my throat doesn't really bother me and I'm less tired), but it's definitely still looming in the distance. The illness, I mean. It helps that I've had a four-day weekend (I stayed home from school on Friday), but that means I have loads to catch up on. Le sigh.

I think I'm going to start having a weekly... poll/question thang every week. I'm curious about you readers :)

And just so you guys know, tkGIRLA still has our FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING promotion going on... so go snag something already! Our sale has got prices cut up to 50%! :)

1- f21 vest, Target sweater, Dad's trousers, Jason Mraz tote, Docs.
2- Gap dress (gift), random old sweater, random costume tights, Docs.

12 February 2009

Sick (again)

Hey darlings. I'm still here, just something flu-like has attacked me and it finally went all-out yesterday. Guzzled down a carton of OJ, ingested nasty medicine, and I'm still all achy. I got tons of outfits though, so keep checking back...

Thank you to my commenters/readers, you guys are just too lovely! And for you lurkers, leave a hello or something already! :)

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Be sure to check it out! Help a sister out.

04 February 2009

02.02 Keep It Simple

Been so casual and lazy lately... barely any outfits to show! But I decided to go for a more laid-back-but-I-still-wanna-try-to-be-chic look after a long school day and a grueling practice interview for two hours. Fun. :)

I sooo need to get a black blazer that actually fits me! Thrifting trip soon, eh?

I fiiiinally found a pair of black skinnies that fit me. It was one of those things where you search for hours upon hours for the perfect pair... and on another day when you're just perusing out of boredom, you finally find 'em. Wtf world? The only thing that bothers me is that it has the texture of corduroy (where it has that fuzziness) and catches lint and crap. But they fit me and were under $20, so I'm not complaining too much.

And tonssss of items up in the STORE. Some of my favorites are the pretty feather earrings, vintage forest green velvet vest (I had a really hard time parting with that...), vintage baby blue angora scarf, and vintage sheer red blouse (PERFECT amount of sophisticated slouchiness!). Snap them up before I regret posting them! ;) Kidding of course.

Borrowed Ann Taylor blazer, f21 shirt, Target pants.

01 February 2009

My lovelies, I'm still here!

WOW, it's been reallyreallyreally long since I've posted... You know how life just kinda pulls the rug from underneath you and all of a sudden it's like SHIT I am busy all. The goddamn. Time. And it's so frustrating. I've been so lazy about taking photos of my outfits too. Buuut, to make up for it all... remember that surprise I told you guys about a while ago? :)


Click it! It's a BRAND-NEW ONLINE BOUTIQUE run by myself (Sunset), and one of my best friends, Golden.

Haha. I know how effing annoying multiple exclamation marks are, but I can't help it! So excited. We've put tons of effort into setting it up, so please visit!

To give a quick sum-up of what the store consists of... it'll be limitless. All stuff from our personal closets and/or vintage finds, and it can range from classic pumps to comfy t-shirts to amazing vintage, so be sure to check it out!

tkGIRLA has tons more of stuff to share (both in store items and various epic... things) so keep watch! xo