18 March 2009

Finally feels like spring

Hey guys! I swear I'm still around, just juggling a lot of stuff right now. Schoolwork, balancing as a performer/choreographer/instructor for the color guard, and planning Senior Ball... just a lot on my plate. Got loads of outfits though! I hope all of you darlings are just peachy.

College admissions came back! So far, accepted by a fair amount of uni's, rejected by UCSD >:( Hoping to hear back from Berkeley soon... Wish me luck!

I'll be back soon. xo

08 March 2009

For sale?

So I'm on the edge about whether or not to sell this dress. I love it so so so much, but I have to finally admit that it was not meant to be. (I have to squeeze into a tiny corset first, and even then it still doesn't fit!) But before I officially go through the arduous process of selling (I think I just suck at it, online-wise), just wanted to see if anyone was interested first...

Sorry for the crappy photo quality, but here are some details on it:
  • Waist: about 24 inches.
  • Strapless, back zipper.
  • Tulip skirt, it's in this wrap style that drapes really well
  • Big bow with jewel-encrusted band on the center.
  • Darts on the bust area.
  • Excellent condition. No visible tears or anything.
  • No label.
  • For reference, I'm about 5'6.
Feel free to comment/email (tospendtime@gmail.com) if you have any other inquiries or are interested.

I'm also thinking of setting up another blog to sell items from my closet... much like Kristine or Lulu.

07 March 2009

in the way of ghostly spaces

Can you tell I'm channeling a bit of AW here?

Took a trip to San Francisco with some dear friends yesterday, and it was really fun, despite the fact that we couldn't go too far (nor too quickly) due to my newly sprained ankle. However, I did get to go to H&M for the first time (gasp, I know), and drool more over the entire AA store. I think I need just about everything in there, but I only bought a plain white t-shirt and the circle scarf in black. And of course, helped my t-shirt-and-jeans friend pick out some nice basics.

Cue me trying to figure out having some fun with the scarf.

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the weekend. And I leave you on this illustrated note:


Target sweater, Mervyn's shorts, Marshalls tights, Doc Martens boots.

03 March 2009

Trying times

As of this moment, self-imposed shopping... ban. Well, I'm reluctant to use this word because it won't be a complete, 100% ban. Maybe... a... 98% ban. My bank account is seriously depleting, and when you have no job, this is suckage. Only things I plan on buying in the next week are possibly some Starbucks tomorrow morning and the AA circle scarf on Friday. (After watching all those how-to videos on diff' things to do with the scarf... I'm hooked. AA, I'm basically your bitch.)

From all the readers I've been getting lately (but so few comments, what's the dealio?), any advice on how to get through the nasty habit of shopping excessively? Any would help... really. Thanks guys.