19 November 2008

Boots and hurr

Ghetto song reference.

Anyhow, today's outfit. Nothing special.

Same boots again, can't get enough of 'emmm. The sole support isn't that good though, so my feet tend to get uncomfortable at the end of the day (and I kinda have 12+ hours days...), but they're so cool.

Makes me even more classy with pictures in front of Walgreens.

Was a bit cold this morning so I bundled up in another one of my many handmade scarves.

Not too sure, but I was thinking about getting a haircut too. I have a tendency to get antsy with such spaces in between real cuts (I think my last one was maybe... 1 1/2, 2 years ago?). What do you guys think?

Ugh. Me starting to get sick + long-ass days + UC apps + constant lack of sleep
= not doing me any good.

F21 sweater, altered Mervyn's jeans, secondhand boots, Walgreens sunglasses.


  1. I LOVE your top. Truely, madly deeply, haha. But really, i want it! :D

  2. thank u!
    Your blog is really cool too :-)


  3. i love those boots, although i would like them to have a taller shaft.

  4. this outfit looks lovely, really laid back

  5. Love the top and the sunglasses :)

  6. You can get an insert for the boots to give you more support.

  7. Thank you! :D
    You really cheer me up with your comments!

  8. i <3 your long hair and the trapeze top! i miss my long hair :[ growing it out :]

  9. hey very nice blog i love the outfit and the style :) i ll come back often ;)
    a bientot!
    Bouchra from paris


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