30 November 2008

I love Susie Bubble + Bordelle

Ho. Ly. SHIT!

I love I want I need I must have...

Photo from infinitely amazing Miss Susie.

28 November 2008

Garance Doré / Black Friday

Can't understand a damn word, but there's some amazing photos to be seen.

So goooood.

Hit up the local jimungo mall today far too early for Black Friday. I had in mind very few and simple things to purchase -- a wool coat for winter, boots, and black skinny jeans. Sounds simple enough, right??

The boots: I stumbled upon a pair of Doc Martens at Macy's (I didn't even know they carried them!!) except the only pair in the entire store was NOT my size (the one just below, of course). My alternative were a pair of these BP boots, but I couldn't get them because apparently my dad refuses to let me get a pair of shoes more than $50. What the hell.

But I got this sweet new CK coat. Clean, simple, and classic. AND 50% off. Even better. I'll post a photo soon.

And black skinny jeans... for the life of me, I could not find a pair that fit. I don't even know HOW many stores we went to... It either fit my legs very well and was totally loose in the top of the pants, or just a huge train wreck. Damn it all. So here is my question.

What brands (available in the US) do you guys recommend for black skinny jeans?

What I'm looking for is very simple: just five-pocket black skinny jeans with a little bit of stretch in them. No contrast stitching, excessive pocket detail... just plain black. Skinny. Denim. Price isn't too much of a factor, as I wear black skinnies almost half of the time. (But still within a reasonable price, of course.)

Seriously. Desperate. Please help.

27 November 2008

Still sick

The illness totally kicked me in the ass last night. I'll spare you the gory details. But I am feeling loads better today! Spent the last two days watching movies (what else can you do when you're bedridden?)... Elizabethtown, Little Miss Sunshine, Ferris Bueller, and Twilight. Such good movies.

I thought he was alright until I saw the movie... now I am absolutely swept away by him. SO. HOT! Holy hell.

Okay, ending the fangirldom now.

Happy Thanksgiving. xo

26 November 2008

Viktor & Rolf

A couple weeks ago I received a package from Viktor & Rolf consisting of a few samples from their fragrance line Flowerbomb. Not exactly sure as to WHY or HOW I received these samples, but I think I vaguely remember signing up for some newsletter...

They're not kidding when they named it Flowerbomb. When I opened up the shower gel, it really is this super-intense floral scent. Even through my stuffy nose I could smell it... really pungent. The body cream is also very floral, but much more spicy and seductive... I could be crazy, but I dare say it stings the nostrils a bit too. In a good way.

I'll post more when I test 'em out...

P.S. Finally got around to watching Elizabethtown. LOVED. IT. So good.

Any movies you guys like to watch on a rainy day? xo

Clean Stockholm

Perusing on Stockholm Streetstyle, this boy caught my eye. I love the clean, tailored, and oversized silhouette of the coat made casual by the versatile dark wash of the denim and scruffy sneakers. He continues the muted look with the beret, but kept it interesting with a pop of color just barely discernible underneath the coat. Very well put together.

25 November 2008


Getting chilly and channeling a bit of the CdG that is so unavailable to me. I find that I exchange hello's with others in the hallway, I get my eyes on my clothes rather than my face. Great, haha.

And my friend recently featured me in one of her personal statements for UC apps, about people that have influenced her style/fashion-wise... she showed me and I felt so honored.

And to leave you with another sneak picture of my teacher again... she wore this wonderful blazer.

It's hard to see, but the pattern is those outlined waves, like old-school Greek. Which reminds me, we DID recently finish reading The Odyssey...

Prominence sweater, thrift dress worn as skirt, random tights and socks, thrift boots.

24 November 2008

Dress for comfort

I went to bed at a decent time last night (before midnight as opposed to after) and I still woke up feeling exhausted and shatty. After school, I immediately bought some cough medicine, cough drops, and a liter of OJ. Haha. I am taking this sickness down!!

Sorry for the blurriness, but it gives a better overall look at the shirt. And you can't tell, but the straps are braided.

I initially planned the outfit sans-scarf, but it was so chilly I had to.

And I saw that I've gotten a bunch of views (100+ in the past 24 hours, I think?!), which leads me to channel a bit of The Stylish Wanderer -- just go ahead and leave a comment already! I love all kinds of input, good or bad.

Random UO sheer grey tee, handmade tank and scarf, altered Mervyn's pants, random sports socks, Payless sneakers (friend).

23 November 2008

Deadlines in the horizon

UC applications are due insanely soon (I have about a week ><) and my personal statement isn't getting me into ANYWHERE. I spent the day so far being very unproductive, but at least I'm caught up on bloglovin', haha.

Oh, that sounded so sad...

No outfits lately, just tired. But I will leave this photograph of my amazing teacher's amazing jacket. Absolutely love her style.

19 November 2008

Boots and hurr

Ghetto song reference.

Anyhow, today's outfit. Nothing special.

Same boots again, can't get enough of 'emmm. The sole support isn't that good though, so my feet tend to get uncomfortable at the end of the day (and I kinda have 12+ hours days...), but they're so cool.

Makes me even more classy with pictures in front of Walgreens.

Was a bit cold this morning so I bundled up in another one of my many handmade scarves.

Not too sure, but I was thinking about getting a haircut too. I have a tendency to get antsy with such spaces in between real cuts (I think my last one was maybe... 1 1/2, 2 years ago?). What do you guys think?

Ugh. Me starting to get sick + long-ass days + UC apps + constant lack of sleep
= not doing me any good.

F21 sweater, altered Mervyn's jeans, secondhand boots, Walgreens sunglasses.

18 November 2008

Quick post

A sweltering 74 degree high today. 74 degrees isn't that bad for California, but in November? Seriously... what the hell is up?

I totally hesitated in buying those boots but do not regret it a single bit. One of my best $5 finds ever. Yay Goodwill.

Altered nightgown (from Mom), random grey knee-high socks, secondhand boots, random Walgreens sunglasses.

17 November 2008

Out of focus

So I was attempting to highlight the boots, not the pants, in my outfit today...


The pants were way more noticeable! I liked it anyhow. You know you look a little crazy when you get stares traveling down...

And here are my new boots! If you guys like, I'll take a better photo of them later. Go thrift.

(Now that I think about it, they look more like loafers. Hm.)

UO t-shirt, thrifted/vintage (?) NY&Co. trousers, thrifted/vintage(?) boots.

How do you discern the difference between thrifted and vintage? I've seen both used interchangeably, including labeling thrifted things as "vintage"...

12 November 2008

Shredded up

Avoided Calculus this weekend and tackled that shredded tee tutorial of Camille's that everyone and their mom is on.

Wore it to school and I got a bunch of crazy looks, even though I wore a jacket over it. I didn't realize how exposing it was until I was actually in public. Oh well, out of the comfort zone, right?

Fruit of the Loom tank, Hanes strapless bra, Target leggings, Mom's old socks, Payless sneakers from friend.

Forever 21

1, 2, and 3

My new (and actually affordable) wants.

So need an H&M or Topshop nearby.

11 November 2008

Exciting things

Update super soon (hopefully tomorrow).

Will consist of these things:
- My attempt at the shredded tee (from that tut of Camille's that everyone is raving over).
- My rockin' new boots that I found.

Finally a pair of boots that I am somewhat satisfied with.

09 November 2008

Mirror box

Just posted on Jak & Jil... I kind of love it. What do you think?

08 November 2008

I need I need (what I really really want)

Intended Spice Girl reference ftw.

1) Mommy vs. Daddy Purple Gypsy Magic top

2) Jenny Yuen Gatsby Garnet bag

3) Jenny Yuen Gia Chestnut bag

4) Those Mint Fashion Studio scarves that Susie Bubble posted up!

5) This woman's outfit that The Sartorialist snapped.

6) Karla's insane new belt!

I am lusting after all of these things so badly right now.

I recently got a $50 gift card to AE... I wonder if I can find anything decent there. Money's money, right?

And by the way... Charlotte Ronson for JC Penney? Wtf? I need to hit up that place, like... now. It just reminds me of Ronson's stuff for Urban though...

xo S

Mr. A-Z

Monday (late post, I know!) was the Jason Mraz concert at UC Davis... pretty epic. My fellow hardcore fan of the curbside prophet and I hit up a crepe place for dinner before the concert. 'Twas pretty epic. :) One of my favorite artists of all timeee..

But I officially hate Davis. Haha.

My salsa crepe! Mmm. I can never finish the portions here...

And at the concert, with so many bitchy attendees, it was too fun.

And the next day. BFF and I with our sweet shirts.

Marshalls hat, F21 burnout tee, selfmade scarf, altered black jeans, old Vans, Chinatown purse.

07 November 2008


My last year before my parents can say, "You're an adult now, what are you doing with your life?!"

Guess what I was?

My best friend was a crash test dummy.

My other best friend was a ringmaster (my idea).

My friend was Guitar Hero.

My english teacher was a valley girl, and my friend was a gladiator. :)

My english teacher actually dresses amazingly, I have to show you guys an outfit of hers sometime...

My color guard girlies dressed up as me (I was wearing a skirt as a top the other day with tights and they just went crazy!).

And the trick or treating commences...

Techno kitty, grandpa, flapper girl, car technician/mechanic (the old winter drumline uniform), and ringmaster.

My fresh sock hole.

Altered Ralph Lauren shirt, Marshalls hat, Analog belt, borrowed sneakers and Forever 21 jeans.

I got an insane amount of chocolate that I am so getting fat because of. Mm mm mm.

How were your Halloweens? :)