08 September 2009


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03 September 2009

Bury your castle

Look! Another post already! :D I'm SO remedying this I'm-a-really-shitty-blogger issue.

What I am currently lustingggg after:
those damn Jeffrey Campbell wedges everyone and their mom owns. AND FOR GOOD REASON.


What I'm actually doing:
Being stupid via Photobooth.

Normal posts will resume once I find my camera charger and/or regain insanity.

31 August 2009

I'm too proud for love

So I get a bunch of free magazines in the mail. (Junk mail is my area, apparently.) One such magazine had a pretty dang interesting editorial of everyone's favorite: SHOES! Shoes shoes shoes. And thus, a shitty introduction to some shitty Photobooth pictures of some not-so-shitty photos:

That last one there is my favorite.

And where the hell did this come from? MORE Magazine!! If you've never heard of it, it's okay -- it's a magazine for like, American women 40+ years old. Absurd right? It's in the latest issue. Not too many redeeming things in this one, but this editorial certainly caught my eye. I definitely recommend checking it out for yourself! (And if you happen to be getting hot flashes, heavy periods, or excessive tummy fat, even better! lawlzzzz)

And here's a smile for you (because bloggers don't smile enough nowadays!!), have a good one!

P.S. The reason for the Photobooth pics is 'cause I can't find my camera charger. Oh, and I'm too lazy to scan. Aren't I charming?? (:

23 August 2009


100TH POST! Sahweeeet. MAN, too bad I accidentally go on hiatus like every month. I keep forgetting that sometimes, people still read this. (Shout out to a reader that recently posted about me, you're so darn sweet!)

So I've worn this bitch a couple times already, but I just now decided to get off my ass and take outfit photos! It's so dang cute and fits me perfectly, yet looks slimming. By my bb'z lipgloss & black. Genius, of course.

Isn't it rrrridiculously cute? I don't just shamelessly promote them for NOTHING. And congratulations to them for making 500 sales by Sylvia's birthday! w00t here.

I spent the day with my BFF at the mall (god, I'm a legal adult but I'm literally 12 sometimes) in a neighboring town. It. Is. Freaking. GIANT. I don't understand people that can shop in gigantic malls... hurting feet, getting lost... jesus. Didn't really buy anything, because I can't really impulse-spend anymore. But I did look at bathrobes, because apparently, bathrobes are necessary in the communal bathrooms of college. Of course, this means that I immediately needed to take photos that vaguely (or really obviously) suggest I have bowel problems or seizures only located within my eyebrow area.

But to balance out the shitty awkwardness of my charming persona, here are some cutesy pictures that would make my mama proud.

And just so you know, my fatty bruise from two posts ago is healing. Which makes me sad, because I wanted to show it off some more. Damn these quick-recovery teenage bodies. Is it weird that I absolutely LOVE the sharp intakes of breath and cringing expressions of disgust upon sight of my ghastly injury??

I just realized how incoherent this, reading it over. Haha, I hope I haven't driven away any readers.

By the way. CHECK OUT MY STORE? Thanks guys :D

AE v-neck tee, lipgloss & black skirt.

I'm shitting myself

and NOT in a good way. Because Vogue Paris decided to use the CURLZ font in an otherwise spectacular editorial with Sasha P. What. The. Fuck.

I think it's a joke. Like... Vogue is just tryin to shit us. Or something.

22 August 2009


I can't believe it's been... like two weeks since I've blogged. Shit sure does slow down in the summa. (Daaaamn alliteration!!) Real talk, I've basically just been chillin at home and dorm shopping and hanging out with friends... actually I just got back from camping a few days ago! It was only three days but pretty freaking hardcore. We went down to San Luis Obispo (a few hours from Santa Barbara) to Morro Bay. Gorgeous, but arctic. (Well, compared to our relentless Norcall valley heat.) Trip entailed getting stuck on I-5/being stranded in a parking lot for a total of... I don't know, 6? 7 hours? But despite the shit hitting the fan, times are good when it's with your friends, ya' feel?!

Sorry about the poor quality of the photos, I think my camera's gone a bit funny!

These next photos are a result of my innate clumsiness. I was hopping a short fence to go pee (classy, I know... but we were in the middle of noooowhere) and my dumb ass slipped and scraped my thigh like a mufucka. First photo is like a few hours after, second is a few days later (yesterday, actually). It's a fucking beast and I loove it. Just hurts to wear long pants and to walk.

Also posted some new items to the stooore. My girl Kristy (the one who took those b/w photos that I blogged about earlier) is a bitchin' model, don't you think?! Got some AA, a cute loose tank, even some handmade... but hey, you can just see for yourself, eh?

08 August 2009

I'm not like you

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I'm... totally sucking at blogging. I wore an interesting outfit today (a little form-fitting... aka prolonged looks from people in downtown, fml) but I don't have any photos. Trust me, it's amazing. Once school starts, I'll have my photographer friend take photos for me. :) Meanwhile, I'll stop trying to be such a lazy fuck and hopefully you'll still love me.

While I got your attention (if only barely), check out some other blogs HERE and HERE. Both cool kids with some cool photos. I know you're bored, so effing click already. (Why else would you be on this shitty excuse of a blog?) And another link, while you're at it.

Anyhow, I spent my Saturday night basking in wonderful weather. Aka sweltering heat. Let me tell you people, sweating is nooot classy. Nor is checkin' out boys when you're terrible at guesstimating birthdates. I'm 18 now, and I could be a mufuckin sexual predator. I'm sorry, general public. (Oh, and nor is bumping into your ex-BFF. So awkward. *commence ze turtle hand motion*)

By the way, I turned 18 a week ago. Wee! Is it sad that in my last few minutes of childhood, all I wanted to do was just... fight someone? So I could still get charged as a minor? I guess that's what getting a life in the ghetto does to you. (To be honest though, it ain't that ghetto.) (And no worries, I didn't fight anyone. Unfortunately.) And apparently, a couple of my friends chipped in and got me some lipgloss & black ish. Love my bb's. I can't wait to seeeee it. But seriously, check out my DIY darlins. Support handmade, support upcycling (it aint bikes), and support cute girls.

So mufuckas I'm about to go 1) get my grub on, 2) diy some t-shirts, 3) and twitta. I'm on that ish so much.

P.S. If you've noticed a bit of a language change on this blog... this is how I talk IRL. I'm not drunk. I was keepin it classy for you bloggin folksz.

P.P.S. I got my Macbook and iPod Touch the other day and I haven't been able to keep my hands off of either.