17 November 2008

Out of focus

So I was attempting to highlight the boots, not the pants, in my outfit today...


The pants were way more noticeable! I liked it anyhow. You know you look a little crazy when you get stares traveling down...

And here are my new boots! If you guys like, I'll take a better photo of them later. Go thrift.

(Now that I think about it, they look more like loafers. Hm.)

UO t-shirt, thrifted/vintage (?) NY&Co. trousers, thrifted/vintage(?) boots.

How do you discern the difference between thrifted and vintage? I've seen both used interchangeably, including labeling thrifted things as "vintage"...


  1. I love the pants!

    I usually call things thrifted because I feel like a cheater calling things that might only be like 2 year old second hand things vintage.

  2. i <3 the pants too, they fit well on you! i guess for me, i look at the styling and tag if it's vintage. Anything recent wouldn't be, but it's hard to know bc 90s is vintage too :D

  3. Love the pants! The boots are cool too. The t-shirt you asked about it just a Hanes little boy's tee, the type you get in a 5 pack at Target. And as far as the thrift/vintage thing, I mostly use "thrift" and try to only say vintage when I know (or, well, suspect) something's at least a decade old.


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