28 November 2008

Garance Doré / Black Friday

Can't understand a damn word, but there's some amazing photos to be seen.

So goooood.

Hit up the local jimungo mall today far too early for Black Friday. I had in mind very few and simple things to purchase -- a wool coat for winter, boots, and black skinny jeans. Sounds simple enough, right??

The boots: I stumbled upon a pair of Doc Martens at Macy's (I didn't even know they carried them!!) except the only pair in the entire store was NOT my size (the one just below, of course). My alternative were a pair of these BP boots, but I couldn't get them because apparently my dad refuses to let me get a pair of shoes more than $50. What the hell.

But I got this sweet new CK coat. Clean, simple, and classic. AND 50% off. Even better. I'll post a photo soon.

And black skinny jeans... for the life of me, I could not find a pair that fit. I don't even know HOW many stores we went to... It either fit my legs very well and was totally loose in the top of the pants, or just a huge train wreck. Damn it all. So here is my question.

What brands (available in the US) do you guys recommend for black skinny jeans?

What I'm looking for is very simple: just five-pocket black skinny jeans with a little bit of stretch in them. No contrast stitching, excessive pocket detail... just plain black. Skinny. Denim. Price isn't too much of a factor, as I wear black skinnies almost half of the time. (But still within a reasonable price, of course.)

Seriously. Desperate. Please help.


  1. Thank you darling :)
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. What a cool looking guy in the 2nd photo... great taste


  3. garance dore has AMAZING pictures.
    i love that blog.

    and i just came across your blog and its very cute as well :)

  4. Probably J Brand. I also found a good pair at F21 as well so it might be worth cheking out. My mom is the same way about me and shoes too. haha.

  5. BDG, sold at urban outfitters $50, the only ones I trust. They're amazing and fit well.

  6. I have 2 pair from Gap and one from Uniqlo. They're not the best, but they make do.

  7. amaaazing pictures. if only i had the guts to cut my hair short...

    anywhoo. for shorts. i recommend jbrands. you can usually find them on sale at barneys for $50 or so during this time of the year, otherwise they run up to $150 i think. UO's cigarette jeans are good, too.

  8. Love love love the third picture. Garance is amazing.

    As for denim I cant really say, except possibly UO.

    I really only like Chip and Pepper, but I doubt theyll have what youre looking for.

  9. great images hun.try topshop,j.brands and urban outfitters.


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