05 November 2008

Re-open Proposition 8 for California Petition

I know this is mainly a fashion/random musings kind of blog... but I am so impassioned in fighting against this proposition that I felt this was necessary.

Though the proposition was passed, there is still a chance to fight it. So join to combat against unequality. Sign the petition to re-open Proposition 8. Don't support Prop 8, as we all know that it strips people of rights. Proposition 8 is simply NOT RIGHT.

Re-open Proposition 8 for California Petition

On a blog-related note... so sorry on the lack of updates. I have so many goodies to show, but have been so busy. I'll try and update tonight!

Edit: The petition is open to people 18 years of age or older.

xo S


  1. damn, i was about to sign it, but i'm not 18 yet. :(
    2 more weeks!

  2. i am so with you on this. i was so pissed off with the results. i mean, it's freakin' california! how much more liberal can you get?

    as for the jumpsuit, that's the first time i've heard anyone complain about having long legs! i feel as though the jumpsuit would be a great way to show off your legs rather than make you look awkward.


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