18 November 2008

Quick post

A sweltering 74 degree high today. 74 degrees isn't that bad for California, but in November? Seriously... what the hell is up?

I totally hesitated in buying those boots but do not regret it a single bit. One of my best $5 finds ever. Yay Goodwill.

Altered nightgown (from Mom), random grey knee-high socks, secondhand boots, random Walgreens sunglasses.


  1. I love the nightie!

    And ahhhhhh, I wish it were still 74 degrees here :(

  2. yay on the boots!
    man, i've bought a lot of useless things from savers/thriftstores in the past, but it's okay bc they're cheap :D

  3. Those boots are an amazing find for $5! I love them with that dress too and the grey socks! Char x

  4. that dress is TDF just saw your blog today


    xx Fash. C !!


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