07 November 2008


My last year before my parents can say, "You're an adult now, what are you doing with your life?!"

Guess what I was?

My best friend was a crash test dummy.

My other best friend was a ringmaster (my idea).

My friend was Guitar Hero.

My english teacher was a valley girl, and my friend was a gladiator. :)

My english teacher actually dresses amazingly, I have to show you guys an outfit of hers sometime...

My color guard girlies dressed up as me (I was wearing a skirt as a top the other day with tights and they just went crazy!).

And the trick or treating commences...

Techno kitty, grandpa, flapper girl, car technician/mechanic (the old winter drumline uniform), and ringmaster.

My fresh sock hole.

Altered Ralph Lauren shirt, Marshalls hat, Analog belt, borrowed sneakers and Forever 21 jeans.

I got an insane amount of chocolate that I am so getting fat because of. Mm mm mm.

How were your Halloweens? :)


  1. omg i just noticed that it was a band room. omg are you in color guard?!


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