20 January 2009


And for the first time too! Yay to the lovely Starr of The New Black (or starrgirl to you Chictopians).

Since the fourth folder had two folders, and the two fourth pictures from each folder were dull/weird (a drum head and a pic of my haircut from like a year and a half ago in my camwhore mode), I went with my third folder instead. I know I know, I cheated, but it's an oldie-goodie picture.

From MK's Nylon shoot. Who doesn't love her, right?

the rules
1. go to the 4th folder on your computer where you store your images
2. pick the 4th picture in the folder
3. explain the picture
4. tag 4 people to do the same

I tag:

Wow, I really suck at this tagged thing... broke the rules again.

So I was raped by my Calculus final today. As in I (and a lot of others) epically failed it. EPICALLY. I just hope I can pass the damn class... :( AP Government, AP Lit, and memorizing a speech for the rest of finals weeks... *headdesk*

16 January 2009

Costco...? Wtf?

What the hell?! When did this happen? Don't tell me it's been around in freaking COSTCO for forever... and for $40?! I... what?

Guh, and it WOULD be next to some Ed Hardy t-shirts. I hate those things...

Borrowedfromfriend Chabe vest, Express white t-shirt and (borrowedfromfriend) ankle skinnies, AE black bra, Old Navy satin flats, Jason Mraz tote bag.

13 January 2009

You look... freaking weird! Like... wtf, tight shirt, skirt high-waisted...

Title was taken from what this girl said about my outfit today. Whilst touching me and stuff. Er, I mean my clothes... not... me...

Uhm, thanks random-new-band-girl-that-insulted-me-but-didn't-mean-to-or-something. I think I look pretty freaking cool.

Just kidding.

And my week is definitely much better, though I am freaking tired and busy all the time. Sorry I haven't been such a presence on your blogs lately, I'll definitely swing around soon and check out you stylish ladies.

It was a freaking high of 70 degrees today. What... the... hell? California, seriously? Middle of January? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME??

Hoodie and top from friend. Scarf, gift. Twilight pendant necklace. Vintage skirt from mama. Capezio tights. Random black socks (not shown).

P.S. You lurkers! I see you! My views don't lie! Just leave a darn comment. :P

[/stylish] :)

11 January 2009


End of a terrible week. My weekend was better, though not by much. It's been hard to scrounge up inspiration lately, but I have something coming up that will definitely be exciting and something (almost) completely new for me... it's a surprise for you guys too. I can't wait to show you!

One of my best friends is really amazing with picking things out for me. She got me the AA's polyester tulip skirt in silver cloud (which is scandalously short, by the way!). I feel like it's a more cool-toned lavender in person. But it's pretty amazing. And pockets? Can't go wrong. I think like with the u-neck dress, you could always size up if you wanted a bigger tulip shape (I'm wearing a size small), but I haven't tried so don't trust my word.

And these random tights I found at Marshalls, which are pretty thick despite how sheer they are!

So I hope you guys had a good week (and brace yourselves for another fucking Monday), even if it makes you do this:

Fueled By Ramen Paramore beanie, hoodie from friend, Twilight necklace, Express white t-shirt, AE bra, CK coat, AA poly tulip skirt, Marshalls tights.

P.S. I've been addicted to Britney's Circus video today... it's really catchy, I have to admit. And plus it's totally weird to see someone you know in something like that. One of her background dancers graduated from my high school about 2 years ago... he's the one with the braids and the solo! He's in Womanizer too, check him out :)

07 January 2009

You'll be callin' but I won't be at the phone

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts, but I've been wearing so much safe stuff that's been on constant replay on the blog anyway... And what is it about this freezing California weather (low 50's is freezing in the West coast definition, I think), that just makes me want to wear dresses and skirts aka the most impractical clothing? I swear I nearly almost do every morning when I'm getting dressed at 6:30 in the morning (damn you early classes) before I realize that my first class is orchestra...

Which is my downfall because I play cello, and this is how cello players are positioned when playing.

So awkward. I don't think anyone wants some full-frontal cooch (even if I'm wearing tights).

And I sit in the front stand. Awwwkkkkwwaaarrrrdddd.

But until outfits go back into full swinging motion, I'll leave you with my favorite photo at the moment.

P.S. Did anyone see that video Lulu posted up? I cracked up so bad...

04 January 2009

Uh may zeeng

So I found a really freaking sweet dress while thrifting a long while ago... I bought it, in the stupid hope that I could actually make my waist smaller, in time for prom. The problem with this is not fat (though I got a little bit of that going on), but is that my ribcage is simply... wide. Bleh. I would need to somehow shrink my waist about 4 inches to actually fit this dress COMFORTABLY... and it's really amazing too. The dress, I mean. I was considering wearing a corset/some kind of shapewear thing to naturally make my waist smaller, but the more I think about it, the more absurd it seems...

However, I think I would be a lot happier if I could somehow wear THIS dress.

And some other jaw-dropping pieces.


Damn, OAK.


And, uhm, money gods? This would be a REALLY good time for you know, a torrential shower of cash to rain down in my room or something.

03 January 2009

So hold on

I think I accidentally gave an almost American Apparel feel to the first two photos... damn.

So my new location for photograph-taking is super fickle... Taking self-timer photos in the middle of the afternoon leads my outfits to be completely washed out. But it could also be the fact that I'm wearing pure white jeans (same as the last post). But you do get to see my sweeeet new jacket!

P.S. Did you guys want me to list the brands of the clothing items? I know I haven't been in the last few posts, but I wasn't sure if I found the necessity in doing so.

P.P.S./ETA: AE is currently having a $5 off any purchase (in-store) coupon going around right now... I know, the blasphemy that is AE/Aberc/Aero, but they have decent basics (anything hat isn't plastered with their logo, that is). Print out your coupon here.


I kind of have the same expressions... over and over. I should start blocking my face out or something.

I've never really ventured into hatlands before (giganto heads + thick warm headgear = bad idea), but this beanie was too snuggly to resist. And it kept me warm. Hoorah. Wore this outfit to practice for my friend's upcoming concert.

01 January 2009

I am really mad at Rodarte and Alexander Wang

for making some amazing fucking shit!


But it is literally impossible for me to even afford one piece of his freaking collection... imagine getting all of this. Oh, how my bank account would suffer. Damn you, Alexander.


Wonderful photo of Sheila Marquez.

I'm sure most of you have already seen these items anyway, but they're so classically basic (AW) and jaw-dropping (those damn knits) that I can't help but talk about 'em anyway. SERIOUSLY, reminders from EVERYWHERE about that freaking Rodarte knits... everywhere... it's driving me crazy.

Who are some designers that drive you guys insane?