16 January 2009

Costco...? Wtf?

What the hell?! When did this happen? Don't tell me it's been around in freaking COSTCO for forever... and for $40?! I... what?

Guh, and it WOULD be next to some Ed Hardy t-shirts. I hate those things...

Borrowedfromfriend Chabe vest, Express white t-shirt and (borrowedfromfriend) ankle skinnies, AE black bra, Old Navy satin flats, Jason Mraz tote bag.


  1. wow! go costco. ed hardy kills me. not in a good way.

    I love this simplistic outfit. the white shirt looks soooo comfy

  2. haha how weird. i love going to costco though! a drink and a hot dog for $1.50?! i love it :D

  3. Hi! I love your blog - it's very creative! I absolutely LOVE your header :D I was hoping you could
    check out my blogs and tell me what you think? Thanks!


    Thanks so much!

    - M

  4. What ees this? Kors in Costco? Madness. Good spotting

  5. Hey - thanks for your comments - I would love to be on your blogroll! Love that tee - is Express a US store? I love sheer white tees but hard to come by in England (probably as its so cold!)

  6. Love the vest and the shoes are such a pretty colour...Michael Kors in Costco? Crazy! Char x

  7. haha I <3 the food samples at Costco. That t-shirt looks so nice!
    p.s. Tagged u

  8. Michael Kors at Costco is good and bad.

    Good because you can get designer items for cheap (Hi, Target, Fairweather, etc., etc.)

    Bad because it's Costco and you don't want to be out and about town in your brand new spiffy red MK Trench and have either a 12 year old teener booper or a 45 year old soccer man rocking the same look. That can get ugly and pretty awkward.

    Usually means it's time to move on...

  9. oh god i hate ed hardy stuff too...it always seems like these 40 something women trying to look 16 are the ones who wear it. gross.

  10. costco pulls through again. it never fails!

  11. i love love love this outfit. i love the pants. very audrey hepburn.


  12. hey love ur style btw! exchange link?

  13. That is crazy I cant believe it was $40
    Lovely Blog =)


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