03 January 2009

So hold on

I think I accidentally gave an almost American Apparel feel to the first two photos... damn.

So my new location for photograph-taking is super fickle... Taking self-timer photos in the middle of the afternoon leads my outfits to be completely washed out. But it could also be the fact that I'm wearing pure white jeans (same as the last post). But you do get to see my sweeeet new jacket!

P.S. Did you guys want me to list the brands of the clothing items? I know I haven't been in the last few posts, but I wasn't sure if I found the necessity in doing so.

P.P.S./ETA: AE is currently having a $5 off any purchase (in-store) coupon going around right now... I know, the blasphemy that is AE/Aberc/Aero, but they have decent basics (anything hat isn't plastered with their logo, that is). Print out your coupon here.


  1. Love the wet look on the jacket! Great.

    I'd love to have the brands listed, I like knowing where I can find something if I like it. :)

  2. omg i didn't know we had that coupon! wow i just realized that coupon is spelled that way. i always used to spell it "cupon". sad, haha.
    pretty good basics, but i hate how the brand is stuck on the clothing. if only i didn't see the eagle everywhere on AE clothes, i would actually buy from that store. haha. damn, i need to use that 40% discount!

  3. Sweet hoodie.
    You look like your upper body looks like its floating. :P

  4. ah! the faux leather bomber hoodie jacket. I know what it is ;)

    Lovely white pants (though they are washed out in the photos) I commend you for wearing white after labor day (I think thats the dumbest rule)

    and, the size up makes it so it doesnt stick to your body so much, so you might put tights under it if needed. As well as the length is a little longer

  5. New jacket? Very nice!
    And I'm pretty sure you can't give the American Apparel feel unless your enveloped in random spandex pieces of clothing. That's really what I associate with AA advertisement.
    And yay for Californian bloggers! I'm putting you on the blogs I read list :]

  6. I like the American Apparel look in the your photos. I have no problem if you don't list the brands of your clothes - that's my opinion.

  7. darling .like your blog! the hoodie is great,like slick look to it.


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