13 January 2009

You look... freaking weird! Like... wtf, tight shirt, skirt high-waisted...

Title was taken from what this girl said about my outfit today. Whilst touching me and stuff. Er, I mean my clothes... not... me...

Uhm, thanks random-new-band-girl-that-insulted-me-but-didn't-mean-to-or-something. I think I look pretty freaking cool.

Just kidding.

And my week is definitely much better, though I am freaking tired and busy all the time. Sorry I haven't been such a presence on your blogs lately, I'll definitely swing around soon and check out you stylish ladies.

It was a freaking high of 70 degrees today. What... the... hell? California, seriously? Middle of January? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME??

Hoodie and top from friend. Scarf, gift. Twilight pendant necklace. Vintage skirt from mama. Capezio tights. Random black socks (not shown).

P.S. You lurkers! I see you! My views don't lie! Just leave a darn comment. :P

[/stylish] :)


  1. Very cute
    Haters, they gonna hate!

  2. omg. I love this outfit. probably my favorite of yours, and my favorite ive seen all day.

  3. the pose then "just kidding comment" made me laugh. you look cute...the jumping/spinning photo is great!



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