07 January 2009

You'll be callin' but I won't be at the phone

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts, but I've been wearing so much safe stuff that's been on constant replay on the blog anyway... And what is it about this freezing California weather (low 50's is freezing in the West coast definition, I think), that just makes me want to wear dresses and skirts aka the most impractical clothing? I swear I nearly almost do every morning when I'm getting dressed at 6:30 in the morning (damn you early classes) before I realize that my first class is orchestra...

Which is my downfall because I play cello, and this is how cello players are positioned when playing.

So awkward. I don't think anyone wants some full-frontal cooch (even if I'm wearing tights).

And I sit in the front stand. Awwwkkkkwwaaarrrrdddd.

But until outfits go back into full swinging motion, I'll leave you with my favorite photo at the moment.

P.S. Did anyone see that video Lulu posted up? I cracked up so bad...


  1. both lol and :( at the cello thing.

    I saw the video, but I didnt understand it at all.

    I think thats the point though.


  2. UGh yes.. welcome to the world of fall and winter. All I want to wear in NY right now is a flowy sleeveless dress, some sandals, and sunglasses. I feel ya.

  3. haha i want to wear warm weather clothing too! i even shaved my legs today-for nothing!
    haha im pretty sure nobody would be looking in that area...try a jacket on your lap? :D

  4. I would kill for it to be fifty where I am right now. But! I'm moving to California (SF) in exactly one week! So I will soon get to bask in your lovely, warm weather!

    Love that photo, where is it from?

    xx. mavvie

  5. WOW!! you favorite looks amazing, add it to new looks...


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