04 January 2009

Uh may zeeng

So I found a really freaking sweet dress while thrifting a long while ago... I bought it, in the stupid hope that I could actually make my waist smaller, in time for prom. The problem with this is not fat (though I got a little bit of that going on), but is that my ribcage is simply... wide. Bleh. I would need to somehow shrink my waist about 4 inches to actually fit this dress COMFORTABLY... and it's really amazing too. The dress, I mean. I was considering wearing a corset/some kind of shapewear thing to naturally make my waist smaller, but the more I think about it, the more absurd it seems...

However, I think I would be a lot happier if I could somehow wear THIS dress.

And some other jaw-dropping pieces.


Damn, OAK.


And, uhm, money gods? This would be a REALLY good time for you know, a torrential shower of cash to rain down in my room or something.


  1. omg. amazing dresssssssssss.

    hope you get to your desired weight (without becoming anorexic, bolemic, yada yada)

  2. maybe you can go to the drycleaners and get fabric from the ribcage and move it to the waist line? haha idk.

  3. amazing dress, try the corset thing, they do make a difference, but don't make yourself uncomfortable, reaaly cool blog <3 x

  4. From a store called Bikbok actually :D Totaly love them!

  5. i think i would like the dress better if it was shorter, like how she pulls it up in the second picture.

  6. I really like this collection!
    graphic, style, simplicity, black.
    all i love!
    check out my new post
    happy new year!


  7. haha youre so funny
    and those really ARE amazing pieces

  8. Haha, the funny thing is is that my jaw actually did drop at those boots! They are gooorrrrrrrrrgeousss!

    I want them, please!-where are they from??

    Love this blog!
    xx. Mav

  9. all of these are amazing. i LOVE oak. soooo good.

  10. It's Oak's styling that gets me everytime... damn them...

  11. where did you get this collection from...absolutely wondering.

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