11 January 2009


End of a terrible week. My weekend was better, though not by much. It's been hard to scrounge up inspiration lately, but I have something coming up that will definitely be exciting and something (almost) completely new for me... it's a surprise for you guys too. I can't wait to show you!

One of my best friends is really amazing with picking things out for me. She got me the AA's polyester tulip skirt in silver cloud (which is scandalously short, by the way!). I feel like it's a more cool-toned lavender in person. But it's pretty amazing. And pockets? Can't go wrong. I think like with the u-neck dress, you could always size up if you wanted a bigger tulip shape (I'm wearing a size small), but I haven't tried so don't trust my word.

And these random tights I found at Marshalls, which are pretty thick despite how sheer they are!

So I hope you guys had a good week (and brace yourselves for another fucking Monday), even if it makes you do this:

Fueled By Ramen Paramore beanie, hoodie from friend, Twilight necklace, Express white t-shirt, AE bra, CK coat, AA poly tulip skirt, Marshalls tights.

P.S. I've been addicted to Britney's Circus video today... it's really catchy, I have to admit. And plus it's totally weird to see someone you know in something like that. One of her background dancers graduated from my high school about 2 years ago... he's the one with the braids and the solo! He's in Womanizer too, check him out :)


  1. I love the pattern on the tights. And I hope your Monday wasn't too bad!

  2. so adorable


  3. i love the white tee you're wearing-with the pocket? Where is that from?

    xx. mav

  4. love those patterned tights!


  5. last picture clearly shows what monday blues + lack of inspiration does to a person. :P hope everything get better.

    Im not a fan of beanies, so much, but I really like this purple one on you!

    RE: thanks for the skirt/shirt tip. tehe.

  6. aww i hope you have a better week this week! you can always look forward to the weekend :D
    is the skirt really poofy? oooo i like things short ;] haha.
    omg i didn't get the "If U Seek Amy" song until my friend told me. Britney, Britney.

  7. In the immortal words of Kanye West, "Look at this Pea coat, tell me he's broke!".


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