03 March 2009

Trying times

As of this moment, self-imposed shopping... ban. Well, I'm reluctant to use this word because it won't be a complete, 100% ban. Maybe... a... 98% ban. My bank account is seriously depleting, and when you have no job, this is suckage. Only things I plan on buying in the next week are possibly some Starbucks tomorrow morning and the AA circle scarf on Friday. (After watching all those how-to videos on diff' things to do with the scarf... I'm hooked. AA, I'm basically your bitch.)

From all the readers I've been getting lately (but so few comments, what's the dealio?), any advice on how to get through the nasty habit of shopping excessively? Any would help... really. Thanks guys.


  1. leave plastic at home and only bring a little cash with you. If you really have to buy something, opt to buy one or two REALLY cheap vintage pieces. Hope that helps!


  2. lol pick something REALLY expensive that you really want now (and probably won't want in 3 months) and just save your money up for it because by then u won't wanna have it but u'll have saved up! Actually, I don't know. haha. I'm having a hard time too.. Amazon just sent me an email with Marc by Marc Jacobs sales and omgosh I can't afford it but i want!!!

  3. no more starbucks girl! haha. save a little by making a cup of joe at home.
    good idea getting the circle scarf! you can use it so many ways. i need to get one myself but i always blow my paycheck before i can get there.
    also buy things that you can wear with many other different items in your closet.
    one trick that helps me is to stop and think "do i really need this?" that has stopped me from buying worthless shit that i only get bc it's cheap. it also makes me feel better bc i think "oh i don't need it" :D hope that helps

  4. My card recently declined when I went to go buy a smoothie. So clearly, I need to do this whole shopping ban thing, too.
    As of now, I just leave my card at home and only bring enough money with me to buy food or whatever. It's working...kind of.

    Good luck!

  5. ugh i wish i had the willpower and strength to not be such a shopping fiend. i actually asked my sister to hide my debit card for me. it's the only method that's worked for me. haha.

  6. Thanks!! U're so sweet...:)
    I didn't know Jen Brill and she's so stylish!!
    Girl...I can't give u any advice on how to stop shopping...but once u find it, pleaseeeee tell me 'cus I share ur pain...:P
    As a full-time student I don't have time to work and seriously, my account is depressing...:P


  7. 97% !

    Anyway, DONT GO ONLINE SHOPPING. NOTHING. NADA. Remember, its probably bad quality and you wont want it in a year.

    RE: LOL to the AA girl with the hat looking like me thing.

  8. Love your styling, the circle scarf is great! xxx


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