28 February 2009

when you sigh.

Sorry I'm such a terrible blogger. I haven't really been putting too much effort dressing myself. Going through a bit of trouble in my personal life, not too much I can say about that. Thanks to the few readers who still read/comment and such. :)

I saw the local symphony play last night... made me remember how much I really do love strings. And gives me a desire to practice, heh.

Hope you lovely ladies (and gents) are doing well.

P.S., I've had Lykke Li's Youth Novels album on repeat for the past two days. It's a huge dance party, I highly recommend taking a listen.

AA cardigan, Lykke Li tee, Target jeans, f21 earrings.


  1. i love that earring.
    and your outfit is sooooo cool, fit for a young girl like you.

    you are sooo cute.

    check me out sometime

  2. haha i like the first picture! awesome tee. haha it's funny how you feel like you have to buy a tee or something after you see a show! you'll get through it!!!

  3. oh no i was on my sister's (Kristal) account! :D

  4. what a cute outfit!
    i love your blog! (:

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  6. hi sweetie, i like your printed tee.
    visit my site, would love to exchange link?


  7. The earing picture is absolutely stunning =)


  8. This is still a really cute, simple outfit. And strings? Sorry I have to ask you that, I'm a bit of a violin geek (:

  9. that earring picture is absolutely awesome! and tell me about it, I rarely EVER post outfit photos because... hehe.. I would love to just put on sweats and head out. luckily i still have the dignity to put on jeans! haha

  10. that cardi looks great on you. i'm sending good vibes your way!


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