18 March 2009

Finally feels like spring

Hey guys! I swear I'm still around, just juggling a lot of stuff right now. Schoolwork, balancing as a performer/choreographer/instructor for the color guard, and planning Senior Ball... just a lot on my plate. Got loads of outfits though! I hope all of you darlings are just peachy.

College admissions came back! So far, accepted by a fair amount of uni's, rejected by UCSD >:( Hoping to hear back from Berkeley soon... Wish me luck!

I'll be back soon. xo


  1. a lot of people are getting rejected from san diego. bummer.

  2. Good luck with your admissions <3

  3. Oh my god, I know how you feel! I'm applying to Berkeley next year, but now I'm just stressing on getting good enough grades and getting some extracuriculars along with work under my belt.
    ugh. Cal just wants us all to stress out to death, I swear.

    Good luck though! haha, maybe one day there will be two fellow bloggers attending Berkeley

  4. Good luck! I like your style (:


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