08 March 2009

For sale?

So I'm on the edge about whether or not to sell this dress. I love it so so so much, but I have to finally admit that it was not meant to be. (I have to squeeze into a tiny corset first, and even then it still doesn't fit!) But before I officially go through the arduous process of selling (I think I just suck at it, online-wise), just wanted to see if anyone was interested first...

Sorry for the crappy photo quality, but here are some details on it:
  • Waist: about 24 inches.
  • Strapless, back zipper.
  • Tulip skirt, it's in this wrap style that drapes really well
  • Big bow with jewel-encrusted band on the center.
  • Darts on the bust area.
  • Excellent condition. No visible tears or anything.
  • No label.
  • For reference, I'm about 5'6.
Feel free to comment/email (tospendtime@gmail.com) if you have any other inquiries or are interested.

I'm also thinking of setting up another blog to sell items from my closet... much like Kristine or Lulu.


  1. Lovely dress. You look gorgeous. No way it'd fit me tho lol. My own fault - too many pies = waist inches slightly more than 24" hehe.

    Thanks for the lovely comment!



  2. Oh lovely blog!!! I love dress-up blogs like this..

    BTW, the dress looks so good on u, just lose a pound or two and u can wear it comfortably!

    i blog on fashion too, would u like to exchange link? : )

  3. oh... that's a beautiful dress!
    you post such good photos dear.
    love it as much.
    please visit back my blog.
    you really are invited.

  4. Mmm I like the dress - it's pretty.

  5. I might be interested, I have to think about it!
    The dress is gorgeous though!

  6. wow, it sure looks like it was meant to be! you look great in it.

  7. It's really pretty. Too bad I don't have any opportunity to wear it..

  8. AHHHHHHH! INCREDIBLE! You are so so beautiful, and lovely. I am so fond of this dress, it fits you so nicely. You have the perfect body too! Also, thank you so much for commenting so kindly on my blog. stay wonderful

    love always !!

  9. wow you look stunning!
    loving the dress :)
    great blog missy.


  10. adorable dress!!!


  11. the dress is gorgeous! why in the world do you want to sell it?

  12. Gosh if only I was that skinny....

  13. It's gorgeous, but lord knows I would have to starve myself for a few months to fit into it. haha, and who wants to give up delicious food!?

  14. ohhh that dress is adorable. if I was still in highschool and needed something for prom, this would be it!

  15. It looks so good on you. I would buy it but it would NEVER fit me.

  16. that dress looks SOOO good. i mean seriously wow, looks like an armani.


  17. Cute dress! I love the bow on the front.


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