07 March 2009

in the way of ghostly spaces

Can you tell I'm channeling a bit of AW here?

Took a trip to San Francisco with some dear friends yesterday, and it was really fun, despite the fact that we couldn't go too far (nor too quickly) due to my newly sprained ankle. However, I did get to go to H&M for the first time (gasp, I know), and drool more over the entire AA store. I think I need just about everything in there, but I only bought a plain white t-shirt and the circle scarf in black. And of course, helped my t-shirt-and-jeans friend pick out some nice basics.

Cue me trying to figure out having some fun with the scarf.

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the weekend. And I leave you on this illustrated note:


Target sweater, Mervyn's shorts, Marshalls tights, Doc Martens boots.


  1. I love shorts and tights. It seems like everyone has finally caught on to the awesomness of that look. Hope you enjoyed H&M!


  2. ooolala i like the lighting and the effects in the pictures.
    how's the scarf? i saw it in berkeley but they didn't have black. tear tear.

  3. i needed that AA mask SO bad today! i'm stranded hours from home in a jeep with no top and no doors, and it's in the 40's and raining! i can't get home without freezing, but i said to myself this morning, if ONLY i had bought that silly AA mask, maybe i could drive home!


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