08 April 2009

What a life!

Still here, you guys. Been sooo busy!
  • Senior Ball was pretty much amazing. The makeup and hair ended up wonderful! I felt like a princess. (Pictures soooon :)!)
  • Went down to UCSB to check it out yesterday and today, it's gorgeous.
  • Going down to UCSC tomorrow to check it out one last time (I'm torn between SC and SB!).
  • Possible road trip to SF with the bestie.
  • Successful present shopping.
  • And homework, homework, homework.
I've pretty much been an epic fail at fashion lately. Slightly ashamed to say that I have just resorting to old t-shirts and jeans. All of the inspiration that came with the ability to layer in the winter has vanished. My wardrobe all of a sudden feels extremely unupdated
(is that even a word?). I have been trying to hold back from spending, but some things I simply could not resist, like this bright canary yellow tank dress that is so quintessentially spring I couldn't NOT buy it! And for ten bucks!

So please lovelies, how are you all pumping new life into an old wardrobe for the new spring season? Taking any advice!

xo S


  1. haha I know how you feel! I need an update too :)

  2. sb=partying all the time
    sc=high all the time
    pick your choice.
    haha jk! it's good that you are visiting the schools so you have an idea of what life will be like there :D
    even though its sunny i still wear the same old thing :[

  3. I just sit in my wardrobe for like an hour if I feel like it. :D Planning how I could mix my old clothes or what I rly need to buy.

    I'm pissed cos here in Finland it's still 4-8 dgrs though it's spring. Jealous to you who have already summer there. :D Well maybe it's not summer for you but for us it is.
    Wanna wear cute tshirts and ballerinas!


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