05 December 2008

Winter Warmth

So sorry for the absence the past couple days. Been so freaking busy all over the place... last night's sleep was a grand total of 2 hours. Thank god for best friends with energy drinks to save you.

If you're looking for a winter coat, this one is so perfect. I haven't taken it off all week. Classic shape and fantastic workmanship and quality. Got it for over half off!

P.S. Total pwnage = Karla AND Rumi leaving comments in two days! Sorry for the nerd-out, haha.

Calvin Klein coat, handmade scarf (gift), old Mervyn's jeans, Target flats, random socks.


    Rumi has never commented on me blog *sob*

    but what about me?!!? I comment! LOL.

    Love the second picture. Its so warm here (As in suny) its crazy. I want snow bad.

    I like the CK coat.

  2. ah that coat looks great! your scarf looks like one i have too. maybe bc i handknitted it. heehee :D

  3. Love the blue! Pops right out.

  4. Have a good holiday you to :)
    Really like your jacket btw. :)

  5. Your hair is looks cute pulled back!


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