27 December 2008

This post is really good

Because it literally sums up what I've been wearing for... the past... few weeks? Or so?

It's comfortable.
Black is always awesome.
Twilight accessories are always awesome.

But shhh don't tell anyone about the Twilight part.

Foreals though, their jewelry is pretty sweet.

Merry belated Christmas, you guys. Hope your holidays were good.

P.S. New banner, what do you guys think?

And I know you peeps are reading this and just not leaving comments 'cause look at all those views! I implore you, Wanderer-style, leave a freaking comment already!

P.P.S. Vanessa Hudgens is officially... dumbsauce (I can't think of a good word) in my book. In some interview for Seventeen (don't ask me how I got there), she said that "she really enjoys Bohemian, hippie stuff..." and she said something along the lines of, "You know, I like to wear things no one else wears... like those headbands across the forehead and stuff." ????? Wow.

P.P.P.S./Edit I realize I kinda mention Stylish Wanderer a lot. Hm. Well who cares she's fracking amazing (yes, fracking).



  1. I love the banner! Very nice. And this title's post is very clever! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!

  2. I can only agree! Really liked your jacket by the way :)
    Hope you have a great holiday to hun!

  3. you look angry in the banner

  4. i have a 5 years old cousin and i think she'll look just like you when she grow up..

  5. What a frackin (:P) pretty coat! I love the black of it. And, the see through flowy tee! Ive wanted one like that for a while, and I still need to buy one!

    Haha, I COMMENTED lady!
    Sorry I havent, Ive actually been meaning too, just super busy! Wish I had seen the unedited version of your post! I dont know what it looks like now. :(

  6. i like the sheerness of that tee.

  7. really cool banner. very unique. i soo need a black peacoat. been looking for a really nice one. double breasted is the way to go!

  8. Man, that t-shirt is like perfection and that coat is amazing. I finally commented. haha

  9. I really like that sheer tee <3 the banner is kinda small, everything has to be big! lol

  10. Love the sheer tee, cool casual look! Cool blog! <3 x

  11. hahaha :)
    Yeah it really was great. Haha, you react like everybody else so you are totally normal. I, however, dont find him that attractiv, but hey, he´s not ugly or something. Just not really my type... yet.

  12. i heart ur shirt. im going to go to GAP and see if they still have any... um!
    and i hate VH just cus shes pretty and shes got one of the cutest man on earth who's not over 30. lol

  13. nice banner!

    cute photos...


  14. Goddamnit...canNOT pull of sheer tees....

  15. New banner, I like. And am very much digging the sheer t.

  16. The new banner is so artistic. And basics are always chic.

  17. I agree with the wtf Vanessa Hudgens
    and I love the new banner!!

  18. i loveee the new banner! you look so wonderful! where is your tank from its soooo perfect!?


  19. Cute girl, cute dress, cute everything. How lovely&adorable can you get? HAPPYNEWYEAR baby.

    ♥, China L.

  20. ahh the tee is beautiful!
    seriously, i've been wearing the same thing for so long lately. it's been too cold to dress :[
    gah, i hate vanessa hudgens. haha, but that comment is so stupid. makes me laugh.


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