20 December 2008


Like most others, I've been recycling the same basics over and over... when you have comfiness and versatility together, what else can you really use?

Recently got these jeans at AE (I had a gift card), and I just about love the wash. Except the fit is being totally... spacey (no pun intended?). First time I washed 'em, they were super loose. Second time I washed 'em, they fit a lot tighter. What the hell, AE?...

Can anyone recommend some good over-the-ear headphones? You know, those that, like... hook around your ear, basically. Price isn't too much a factor. I'm sick of my Sony ones shocking me.

Top, Wet Seal. Vest, f21. Jeans, AE.

1 comment:

  1. i like your style. its very relaxed kind of like mine.


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