01 December 2008

Outfit + New Hair

Sorry about the shoddy quality and lighting of the photographs lately... still trying to find a good place with natural sunlight for photos. Hold on tight!

Didn't have much detail to the outfit, but you get the gist of it. Bought this blouse a while ago but never got around to wearing it...

And new hair. What do you guys think? It was literally an impulse after I saw this photo on some blog (Face Hunter maybe? If it's yours please tell me so I can credit you!) and my itch for a haircut became too much to bear. So Saturday morning I consequently went out and got it cut. How weird is that when I cut four inches off and I freak out, but when I cut twelve, I'm fine? Haha.

I kind of hate it/love it. Ambivalent to the max. Most disappointing was that it looked nothing like how I wanted it. "My hair is too thick," the hairdresser said. More like you didn't put enough layers in, woman. I'd hack at it myself but this time I don't have enough room length for error...

Karla is right, chopping all of your hair off IS liberating though. But I'm afraid I look too cutesy now and that no one will take me seriously...

I'm also being compared to a bunch of girls, especially this one girl in band because we both:
1) have blunt-ish bangs
2) have hair a few inches below shoulder length
3) are Chinese

Mainly because we're Chinese. Don't you HATE when that happens? Such a pet peeve of mine... Being labeled/recognized/acknowledged ONLY by my race or most shallow appearances makes me mad.

Venting. Bleh.

By the way... UC/CSU apps are done... THANK GOD.

Secondhand blouse and boots, f21 vest and jeans.


  1. pet peeve of mine too.

    I ♥ the cut though. It's a great length + the bangs fall just right.

  2. Oh gosh, I sent in my UC apps too! Ahhhh!!

    I like the hair, and that shirt is cute!

  3. omg you cut your hair! haha i had the urge to cut my hair a couple of days ago. i don't see how they can stereotype you with your amazing style! that'll set you apart fershure! :D

  4. yay for chopping your hair off!!

  5. Good luck with the UC apps, as a graduate I can recommend the nerd kingdom that is UCSD.


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