06 December 2008

Spend spend spend

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of outfit posts lately... with the temperature finally dropping down to winter-status levels (50s and 60s! About time, California!), all I've been wearing really is that CK coat... it's so warm. Mmm.

I've been spending tons lately too.. I tend to spoil my loved ones. It's fun to shop for friends.

So yeah, not really much to say. All I've been doing lately is reading the Twilight series... I'm so hooked. Damn you, Stephenie Meyer.

I promise I'll catch up on all of your posts soon! It scares me when Bloglovin' reaches triple digits in unread posts..

Btw, The Stylish Wanderer is totally amazing too. Her photos/awesomeness/comments are tizzight.

Be sure to sign up for the free one-year subscription to Nylon Urban Outfitters is offering, if you haven't already.

And threadless is having their $5 sale! I already bought tons of stuff, be sure to snag some!

xo S.

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