31 August 2009

I'm too proud for love

So I get a bunch of free magazines in the mail. (Junk mail is my area, apparently.) One such magazine had a pretty dang interesting editorial of everyone's favorite: SHOES! Shoes shoes shoes. And thus, a shitty introduction to some shitty Photobooth pictures of some not-so-shitty photos:

That last one there is my favorite.

And where the hell did this come from? MORE Magazine!! If you've never heard of it, it's okay -- it's a magazine for like, American women 40+ years old. Absurd right? It's in the latest issue. Not too many redeeming things in this one, but this editorial certainly caught my eye. I definitely recommend checking it out for yourself! (And if you happen to be getting hot flashes, heavy periods, or excessive tummy fat, even better! lawlzzzz)

And here's a smile for you (because bloggers don't smile enough nowadays!!), have a good one!

P.S. The reason for the Photobooth pics is 'cause I can't find my camera charger. Oh, and I'm too lazy to scan. Aren't I charming?? (:


  1. great post!! totally inspired..props to the art director!!

    you're so pretty,dear great blog!

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    lovely blog.
    xx cody


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