23 August 2009

I'm shitting myself

and NOT in a good way. Because Vogue Paris decided to use the CURLZ font in an otherwise spectacular editorial with Sasha P. What. The. Fuck.

I think it's a joke. Like... Vogue is just tryin to shit us. Or something.


  1. hey terry! im wina, recently I made a post about your outfit that I found ages ago and coudnt remember where from. As it turns out, one of the bloggers recognised tht it's u!

    I was just wondering, I have 2 pictures that I thought were both you, but I could only find 1 of them in your blog..(the other pic looks a lot like you!) ehehe

    is there any way that you could confirm if the other pic is you as well?

    It's all in my blog..Hehe thanks a lot, and i love ur style <3

  2. they are definitely shitting us. worse font to ever cross this earth ha :) btw this is the first time i've seen your blog and I'm loving it already!

  3. hah my reaction exactly!!!

    theyre very creative, hyper-aware professional fashion journalists; this was an educated decision, so im wondering WHY THE FUCK DID THEY DO THIS?!?!


  4. defo trying to be ironic. i hope.

    Nabila xo


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