22 August 2009


I can't believe it's been... like two weeks since I've blogged. Shit sure does slow down in the summa. (Daaaamn alliteration!!) Real talk, I've basically just been chillin at home and dorm shopping and hanging out with friends... actually I just got back from camping a few days ago! It was only three days but pretty freaking hardcore. We went down to San Luis Obispo (a few hours from Santa Barbara) to Morro Bay. Gorgeous, but arctic. (Well, compared to our relentless Norcall valley heat.) Trip entailed getting stuck on I-5/being stranded in a parking lot for a total of... I don't know, 6? 7 hours? But despite the shit hitting the fan, times are good when it's with your friends, ya' feel?!

Sorry about the poor quality of the photos, I think my camera's gone a bit funny!

These next photos are a result of my innate clumsiness. I was hopping a short fence to go pee (classy, I know... but we were in the middle of noooowhere) and my dumb ass slipped and scraped my thigh like a mufucka. First photo is like a few hours after, second is a few days later (yesterday, actually). It's a fucking beast and I loove it. Just hurts to wear long pants and to walk.

Also posted some new items to the stooore. My girl Kristy (the one who took those b/w photos that I blogged about earlier) is a bitchin' model, don't you think?! Got some AA, a cute loose tank, even some handmade... but hey, you can just see for yourself, eh?


  1. ouch, hope that heals well! but looks like you still had a great time :)



  2. Owch
    It looks painful
    Hope you get better soon!
    Apart from that it really does look awesome, sounds like you had a lovely time


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