23 August 2009


100TH POST! Sahweeeet. MAN, too bad I accidentally go on hiatus like every month. I keep forgetting that sometimes, people still read this. (Shout out to a reader that recently posted about me, you're so darn sweet!)

So I've worn this bitch a couple times already, but I just now decided to get off my ass and take outfit photos! It's so dang cute and fits me perfectly, yet looks slimming. By my bb'z lipgloss & black. Genius, of course.

Isn't it rrrridiculously cute? I don't just shamelessly promote them for NOTHING. And congratulations to them for making 500 sales by Sylvia's birthday! w00t here.

I spent the day with my BFF at the mall (god, I'm a legal adult but I'm literally 12 sometimes) in a neighboring town. It. Is. Freaking. GIANT. I don't understand people that can shop in gigantic malls... hurting feet, getting lost... jesus. Didn't really buy anything, because I can't really impulse-spend anymore. But I did look at bathrobes, because apparently, bathrobes are necessary in the communal bathrooms of college. Of course, this means that I immediately needed to take photos that vaguely (or really obviously) suggest I have bowel problems or seizures only located within my eyebrow area.

But to balance out the shitty awkwardness of my charming persona, here are some cutesy pictures that would make my mama proud.

And just so you know, my fatty bruise from two posts ago is healing. Which makes me sad, because I wanted to show it off some more. Damn these quick-recovery teenage bodies. Is it weird that I absolutely LOVE the sharp intakes of breath and cringing expressions of disgust upon sight of my ghastly injury??

I just realized how incoherent this, reading it over. Haha, I hope I haven't driven away any readers.

By the way. CHECK OUT MY STORE? Thanks guys :D

AE v-neck tee, lipgloss & black skirt.


  1. finding ur blog address (finally) is my pleasure really! : )

  2. Really cute look and of course the bathrobe is great ;)

  3. that jumper/dress is ADORABLE!!!
    lol at the bathrobe :D
    i like bruises. when i get one i go "YES!" and then "ow" when the pain hits :D

  4. Oh you really look so cute! =D Thanks for sharing, and hope to see more from you. Have a great day. =D

    Writers Den
    Brown Mestizo

  5. WOMAN

    What happened to our blog relationship!?


    Happy 100th!


  6. Your dress is so cute & that bruise looks crazy! ouchh

  7. Oh, I have a great bruise picture. Maybe I should post it!

  8. Hey! Is that bathrobe in a JC Penneys? I used to work in one, I guess I'd know.

    That dress is super cute! What do you mean slimming? I'd say your pretty slim on your own, you don't need help from a dress


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