31 July 2009

Just the way I'm supposed to be.

Sorry for not posting in ages. I haven't had much to post... and I'm a bit lazy too, I'll admit. I just wanted to share a few photos with you guys.

Editorials never really capture my eye, so when this one got me looking back over and over and over... you know it's fucking good. Like, if you haven't seen it yet, you gotta fucking stop reading this text and scroll the fuck down!!

The new Jean Paul Gaultier 2009 campaign:

(via fashionologie)

The clothes are pretty much impeccable. The booties, the men's mesh thigh-highs, those jeans on the left in the first photo... guuuuuuuuh so much love.

I love this campaign 'cause:
1) Insane photoshopping. Whoever did it is sick.
2) Raquel Zimmerman for posing as both man AND woman in the campaign.

I think she looks damn good both ways! If I saw a boy like that on the street, I'd definitely stop and do a double-take.



    One Love,


  2. Such an amazing editorial! Raquel rocks both as a girl and a guy! xxoxoxo

  3. This spread is so cool. Shes an amazing model. She hasnt been doing much lately, that i know of. I hope she gets out there a little more.


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