08 July 2009

Dang you think I'd be a better blogger since it's summer.

Confession, I'm a lazy fuck.

And this is my sick-of-wearing-a-black-and-optional-lace-bra-under-all-sheer-and-or-loose-tanks-and-I-still-think-it-works thang.

Went reading for a bit at Starbucks today and trolling around Target. For once, I didn't suffer in the crazy heat... it was actually kind of pleasant! Granted, could've been the venti caramel frappucino with peppermint I downed. (I get weird looks from baristas when ordering, but trust me, it's freaking delicious.)

I finally figured out this tumblr shit... visit me!


  1. that is such a pretty color bra . i love your rose head band it adds a perfect pop of color .
    i cant fault you for enjoy your summer to the fullest ;)
    better than blogging i guess

  2. I love the poem, and that adorable headband.

    Enjoy Summer, it's Winter here!

  3. love your headband! it is so carrie bradshaw!

  4. Aww that poem. Don't tell me you wrote that...!
    Lovely headband too.

  5. I need to find some more interesting bras. mine are all black :P

  6. haha seriously, since it's summer one would think they would blog more, but it's not so.
    and i'm tired of black bras and tanks/sheers too! rawr :D

  7. I like how I was there when you bought that headband thingy. Can you take me thrifting in Sacto?


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