14 July 2009

And all I hear is

I've been taking lots of photos lately, just wanted to pile it all together. Three photoshoots, actually. Actually, fuck words... I'll just show you. GRATUITOUS PHOTO BLOG ENTRY FTW!

A lot have already been posted on my tumblr, flickr, etc. but these are my favorites.

(okay this last one wasn't really a part of the 'legit' photoshoot photos but we were just walking around and I picked up a pretty flower)

All photos were taken by me except the second half, the b/w ones. Those were taken by my friend Kristy. She's definitely an amazing photographer. One of the most innovative and... sick-as-hell people I know. She can literally make do with anything.

Anyhow, I hope all of the photos make up for the lack of consistent blogging :) Do tell me what you think!

see more here and here


  1. great photos!
    just found your blog!
    Love it!!



  2. These photoss are beautifulll

    Love your blogg :)

  3. These photos are great! Kudos to your friend!

  4. I like the third photo you took and all the b/w ones! Hot stuff!

  5. Great photo's =D
    I love your style, Will you link with me :3 (Gosh, That sounds weird xD)

    I just started with my blog a couple of days ago, So I don't have much content xD

  6. Those Balenciaga inspired boots by Sam Edelman are up on Ebay!!

    Here they are:

    - http://whatsworn.blogspot.com/

  7. loving the black and white photos!

  8. These are great photos
    You look lovely


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