02 July 2009

featured: LIPGLOSS & BLACK!

I want to share one of my FAVORITE online stores ever! I've been following Lipgloss & Black for a while now. Not only are they run by the most SWEETEST darlings/sister duo, Sylvia and Sam, but they're also all DIY and run the huge online business all by themselves! It's crazy successful too. They transferred over to etsy sometime ago. I think it's safe to say their stuff has only gotten even cuter over time.

One of my favorite things that they make are the moto items they have... like their ridiculous motohoodies. Sylvia is genius.

Or the awesome vests!

And some other stuff...

And of course, as any LG&B fan knows, you CAN'T forget about their famous skeleton hand barrettes...

They also make tons more jewelry and reconstructed tees... all super affordable too. The only piece of advice I can give you is if you want something in their store, you better snap it up! Their items usually go pretty quickly.

Go see LIPGLOSS & BLACK here (they're everywhere!):
(main store)



  1. They're awesome!! I love them, they have great hoodies :)

    xox, mavi

  2. Awesome feature! I just started following them on twitter...the style is awesome! Love the hoodies and those little striped shorts!

  3. i think ive seen her before .
    she looks so familiar

  4. so cute! i love those shorts
    thanks for sharing
    definitely goign to look

  5. These girls are amazing! I first saw their stuff on the t-shirt surgery community on Livejournal and I've been keeping an eye on them since. I'm waiting for the days when I'm not a starving student so I can buy their clothes. ;)


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