25 May 2009

New item

Remember that wonderful gold brocade jacket I posted about a while ago?


Click the photo to view item!

Well, I figured my need for money surpasses my love for this jacket (took me so long to realize I needed to let it go!)... so I just posted it up on the shop blog. Be sure to check it out and help out a broke college student. :)

On another note, just came back from a day of shopping and got a pretty big haul of stuff (American Apparel + outlet mall = sheer awesomeness)... One of which being that sweetheart two-toned dress that just came out! For like, $15 cheaper than retail! I loove a good deal. It fits amazingly, hugs curves (like it made my straight, boy-ish body actually look kinda curvy!), and is strangely so comfortable to wear. Like, the mesh is... soft?

My only problem is that I have no idea what to wear underneath it. I also bought some white cotton dresses but I have no idea what underwear you're supposed to wear with it... I'm assuming nude? I usually don't deal with this kind of problem. Help!!

And thank you for all the well wishes. :) The night of ridic dancing from Friday (last HS dance... aww) definitely helped ward off most of the intensity from my illness, but yesterday I just erupted in cold sores, probably from the stress on my body. TMI probably, but hey, it's a blog. And my body is just... failing. Do you ever get that feeling where your body becomes allergic to... your life?


I hope everyone had a fun Monday. :)


  1. that jacket is AMAZING. and the dress was on my AA shopping list as well... you have really good style!

    i guess you could go nude underwear but i'm sure white would work just as well...

  2. its a great looking jacket.
    and that s good to find things that make us look curvy .
    i almost never do

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  4. Doode, I love the jacket, but I'm going to become a poor college student soon too soo... Need to sell stuff, not buy stuff!!


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