18 May 2009

A silly song about you

Relocated! (the shop blog, I mean)


Adding more hella soon... I'm excited.

And basically, college is in like four months. Aka I need money.

My favorites so far!! (Click to see)

In other news:
  • Eight... count 'em, EIGHT! more days of high school left... Thank god.
  • Possibility of workin' two jobs this summer.
  • Getting a lot more chill with fashion. All I want to live in lately are light cotton-y floral dresses, loose, light-colored tanks, basic shorts, and sandals.
  • Speaking of which, I still can't find cute sandals that AREN'T gladiators. (SO ready for that trend to be over.)
  • Trying to purge my closet. (And my magpie tendencies)
  • Does anyone else have this sick attachment to all of their possessions? Even if you haven't used it in ages? So much stuff I wanna sell but I'm ridiculous.
Seems like people really liked the last outfit post. I love those wedges too :)


ETA: 10,000 views! Tiiight.


  1. 8 days!? I still have like 20 days left of high school!! Do you know where you're going for college yet?

  2. it's so hard finding sandals that are not gladiators! im kind of caving in though :]

  3. Super love those purple booties. & yes I am tragically attached to garments I have never worn & will never wear but just don't want to get rid of because it looks awesome in my wardrobe or it has good memories or something, it's not fair! Great blog =)


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