18 April 2009

Sheer Gold

I went thrifting today with some of band friends, looking for a smart blazer, for Senior Project boards next week. However, came upon this black and gold brocade jacket that was WAY more interesting.

Took it home with me (how could I not?!) in hopes of putting it up on the shop blog but now I'm a bit attached, even with the rising temperatures (aka the foolishness of wearing beauties like this in California weather). Just to see who would be interested, any readers pro me-putting-up-in-the-shop?

I think I accidentally channeled a bit of oaknyc in taking these photos?

Never a bad thing, though. :)


  1. It looks great on you. I think you should keep it ;)

  2. I agree, keep it, it looks amazing!
    ps. would you mind exchanging links?

  3. love those poses! it's a keeper!!!

  4. love it!


  5. Keep it for yourself definitely!

  6. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! The pattern is so luxe


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