04 May 2009

What to wear for 4 hours of testing

The most comfy shit you got (that ain't sweats) of course!

I'm such a crappy blogger. I love you people who still read/comment. I'll try and post more, I promise! I think I might start trying to post a photo at least every other day.

I am currently:
  • Taking AP exam after AP exam (each four hours at a time).
  • Going crazy over the play.
  • Trying to fix this 'broke ass' status I got (aka find a job).
  • Purging my closet and simultaneously having attachment issues.
  • Looking for a pair of sandals that AREN'T gladiator and expensive.
  • Only buying clothes that are insanely soft to the touch.
  • Wishing someone would effing buy something from the shop blog. Come on you guys!
  • Trying to find a running buddy at my low level (because all the runners I know are freaks that can't go less than 5 miles at a time. WTF)
  • Being aerodynamic.

These are seriously some of the best jeans I've ever owned. So so so slouchy. My friend gave them to me after she didn't want to wear them anymore (and her knowing I was lusting after 'em hella bad!). Her reasoning? No one else at school wore the style (baggy, slouchy, boyfriend, etc.) and she didn't want to be the only one. Lol, freshmen. And they're from China too, hence the Asian... awesomeness that just exudes. Like, so bad you can feel it. (TWSS)

All taken by my wonderful best friend. Thanks Matt :)

AA unisex solid cardigan, Lykke Li t-shirt, eShakti cotton scarf, China pants, Nike dunks.


  1. Love your smile,so cute.And your style is so cool.;D Looking forward on your next post,hope you could put my blog link in your site.I would really appreciate it.Thanks a lot.;D


  2. Yay,love your shirt.And so cute.;)


  3. You are so damn adorable :)

  4. A perfect outfit for testing! I hope your APs are going well.

  5. haha that's how i dress everyday! except with skinny jeans :D

  6. best of luck with ap exams! the feeling after being done with them is like no other..

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  8. Those jeans look comfy! And ughhhh AP tests, BOOOO! I have my last one tomorrow, thank God.


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