12 April 2009

Treading water

Just posted up a cute new bikini top on the shop blog. It's this rich navy color with white swirls on the trim. Also got a vintage choker necklace and some other stuff up! Check it out! I'll be updating with more stuff soon.

P.S. Any other shop blogs out there? I know Camille and Stylish Wanderer have started theirs up, along with the ever lovely Kristine and Lulu (though everyone knew about them already, I'm sure).


  1. Ahhh oh man I had no idea Camille had started a blog shop and when I went there her incredible black leather jacket had already been sold!! =((( I would've snapped that up in an instant if I could've. BOooooooOO... blogshops are quite fun though ;p shall check yours out now!

  2. Shop blogs are so fun! If only I had clothes to sell haha =) LoveMore also has one on ebay!

  3. Oh thanks for sharing the info..;D
    I don't even have a n idea that they already starting a blog shop.;(
    Anyways,blog shop are fun.;D

  4. Btw,could it be possible to link my site on your site?Thanks you so much.=)I would really appreciate it..Have a great day.;D
    I will surely follow through your beautiful blog.;D


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